Hike! Can Wyoming cheerleaders shoot field goals?

Now one of the more obscured pieces of football has to be goal kicking. As fans, we always care more about every other position on the pitch and leave kickers and players aside. It’s tragic. Kickers and players can change the game. How many times have you watched the game and said to yourself that “leaving this field early is huge”? Or something like that, at least. You say that in every close game, right?

Having said that. The kicker is extremely important. We just saw how important they are in Sunday’s game against The Ravens and the Bengals. The Ravens needed Justin Tucker to shoot a field goal from 59 yards to win the game for The Ravens. After the game, everyone says he is the GOAT kicker.

But if you have a kicker miss field goale, they usually don’t keep their job and are called headcases, right? It’s a really tough performance. I think that’s why they’re attracting all these Australian kids. They’ve been digging different forms of football all their lives and they’re Australian, so we assumed they were super tough about Crocodile Dundee, right (kidding)?

In any case, the TikTok Wyoming_Cheer account showed the Wyoming cheerleaders trying to kick the ball. And you know what? There are a few that Coach Bohl should keep an eye on in case we ever find ourselves in serious trouble.

Watch the video, it’s fun to see someone knock the goal down from the field.

I mean, sure, only a few actually hit the target, but another one was really close, she just cranked it up a bit. Though those hitting field targets should probably wear shoulder pads just in case. It’s a long season.

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