Cheerleaders and members of the dance team entertain fans, raise awareness for breast cancer

Published: October 21, 2022 07:00 AM

The Newtown High School cheerleaders and dancers put on a halftime show – the cheerleaders wearing custom pink costumes and dancing alongside the Nighthawks mascot. wearing pink – in honor of Breast Cancer Month during the football team’s 48-12 win over New. Milford, in the Blue & Gold Stadium, on the 14th of October.

Newtown High School cheerleaders put on a halftime show during the football team’s win over New Milford, at the Blue & Gold Stadium, on October 14. —Bee Photos, Hutchison

Chase Sferruzzo, left, and Mel Lordeiro lift Hannah Guman as the three fans look on and wait for their next move. Pictured front to back, behind Guman, are Summer Wilson, Isabel Gietz, and Peyton DuPont.

The cheerleaders showed off some athleticism and demonstrated their strength on the field.

The Newtown High dance team, with the help of the Nighthawk mascot, put on a show for fans in the stands at halftime.

Dancers are rehearsing and performing at soccer games in anticipation of the winter competition season.

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