Ex-NFL star Chris Cooley DECLAIN invited to be honored by the commanders

Team owner Dan Snyder: There are several pending charges against Snyder.

A former cheerleader named Tiffany Bacon Scourby told the Washington Post that Snyder suggested she join her “dear friend” in a hotel room in 2004 so they “could get to know each other.”

In February 2022, a former employee told HBO she saw Snyder laugh and smoke a cigar as she watched a male executive groped his colleague’s butt in Snyder’s private suite at FedEx Field.

Another former employee, Tiffani Mattingly Johnston, said Snyder put a hand on her knee once at dinner and later pushed her into his limo, which she refused.

Snyder privately settled a 2009 sexual harassment charge for $ 1.6 million following an accident aboard his private plane, according to the Washington Post. The woman, a former employee of the club, claims that Snyder asked her for sex, groped her and attempted to take off her clothes while the two were on a team plane returning from Las Vegas.

His accuser had agreed not to sue the team or disclose his allegations as part of the deal, but the Washington Post made them public in June 2022. The newspaper obtained a letter from a team attorney detailing his allegations. his allegations claiming that the claims were not credible.

Additionally, the billionaire is accused of belittling executives, according to three executive staff members. In particular, it is alleged that he ridiculed an employee named Dennis Greene for being a college cheerleader, once he was ordered to do the wheels for his amusement. Snyder temporarily handed over day-to-day control of the club to his wife, Tanya, as the club was fined $ 10 million by the NFL. Now he faces a criminal investigation in Virginia, where the club is accused of financial negligence for allegedly defrauding season ticket holders from security deposits and improperly withholding ticket revenue from NFL teams. The commanders denied these claims.

Dan Snyder (left) still owns the Washington Football Team, but has temporarily relinquished daily control of the franchise following the NFL investigation into sexual harassment allegations against the club. He has since accused now former team president Bruce Allen (right) of conspiring to spread false information about him on an Indian website.

Chief Operating Officer Mitch Gershman: Former team employee Emily Applegate said he would regularly compliment her body as he regularly scolded her for petty issues, such as printer malfunctions. His allegations were supported by two other former female employees. When contacted, Gershman told The Post: “I barely remember who he is,” adding that “he would apologize to anyone who thought I was verbally abusive.” Gershman left the team in 2015.

Team President Bruce Allen: Although Allen has not been charged with sexual harassment or verbal abuse, Applegate says he must have been aware of his problems because he “sat 30 feet away from me … and saw me sobbing at mine. desk several times a week. ‘Brother of former Virginia Governor and United States Senator George Allen, Bruce found himself at the center of Jon Gruden’s email controversy in October 2021, when racist and homophobic messages from’ now former Raiders coach were mysteriously leaked to the media. Eventually the emails led to Gruden being fired as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Bruce Allen was fired after the 2019 season, when Washington went 3-13.

Former Washington Redskins pro personnel director Alex Santos

Pro HR Director Alex Santos: Six former employees and two reporters who followed the team told the Washington Post that Santos made inappropriate comments to them about their appearances. He also asked them if they were interested in him romantically. In 2019, he allegedly pinched Rhiannon Walker, a reporter for The Athletic, and told her she had “an ass like a wagon”. This led to an internal investigation. Another reporter, Nora Princiotti di Ringer, also accused Santos of molesting her. Santos, who declined to speak to The Post, was fired in July 2020.

Team radio announcer Larry Michael: Seven former employees told the Post that “the voice of the Washington Redskins” often spoke openly about the looks of their co-workers, often making sexually disparaging comments. He was once caught on a “hot microphone” in 2018 discussing an intern’s appearance, six sources told The Post. He is also accused of ordering employees to assemble together a lewd behind-the-scenes video of a 2008 calendar shot. Michael, who declined to speak to The Post, retired after 16 seasons in July 2020.

Former radio announcer Larry Michael (left) and former assistant pro personnel director Richard Mann II (right)

Assistant Director of Professional Personnel Richard Mann II: In a text message obtained from The Post, Mann told a colleague that he and other men in the office discussed whether he had had breast plastic surgery. He also warned another colleague to expect an “inappropriate hug” from him, adding “don’t worry, I’ll have a stapler in my pocket, that’s all”. Mann declined to speak to The Post after being fired in July 2020.

Former president of commercial operations Dennis Greene

Corporate Operations President Dennis Greene: Five former employees told The Post that Greene asked female sales staff to wear revealing clothes and flirt with wealthy subscription holders and suite holders. Greene worked for the club for 17 years until 2018, when it was revealed that he had sold the team’s cheerleaders access to a bikini photo shoot in Costa Rica as part of a ticket package. According to a New York Times investigation, the 2013 calendar shoot didn’t involve any sex, but team officials worried the cheerleaders by taking their passports. Some cheerleaders say they had to be topless, even though the shoot didn’t include nudity. After 14 hours of filming one day, nine of the 36 cheerleaders would be asked to escort suite owners to a local nightclub. Many of the women began to cry, according to the Times. Greene declined to comment and hasn’t worked for the team since stepping down in 2018.

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