College Football Fans React To Tennessee Cheerleaders Wild Video – Game 7

Josh Heupel and Tennessee ended a 15-year losing streak last week with impressive wins over Nick Saban and Alabama.

Victory didn’t come easy, but in the end the Vols showed they had the guts needed to compete and beat the top teams in the country.

After that, understandably, everyone was elated.

One group in particular that is excited about the process is the Tennessee cheerleading squad.

In the now viral video, scenes from that week show the chaos of what the cheerleaders have become over the past few days:

“Tonight is forever,” wrote one college football fan on Instagram.

“Vols all day,” added another.

“Like it,” a third interrupted. “Go Vols!”

Big picture, it really is a crazy 7 day stretch. Among the Alabama fans who accused the referee of publicly cheating on the Vols, one Tennessee fan who cheered so hard that his boss let go and how the winning side’s female fans reacted to their victory – one after the other.

Even just the results from that week paint a big story:

It’s been a wild year in college football as a whole. Memorable photos of Michael Irvin with Miami cheerleaders and the stars teasing cheerleaders in the middle of a game are not uncommon.

But somehow this weekend’s event took things to a whole new level.

At least one interesting thing happened in the Chargers game this week.

— Game 7 (@game7__) October 19, 2022

What kind of madness awaits Tennessee, their cheerleaders and fan base now that they are objectively one of the best two or three college football teams in the entire country?

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