Monday Morning University Watch

Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend and so did I.

Yesterday the Dolphins wore their gorgeous water blankets as well as a tee patch to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their unbeaten 1972 season. It’s such a good look – put here “They should just go back to wearing it full time.”

It’s such a good uniform that even field trials look tough:

Dolphins also went with Return to Aid and End Zone projects:

On this occasion, Dolphin defender Jevón Holland wore specially painted cleats:

The team’s cheerleaders, wearing the number 72 jerseys with the “Perfect Season” badge (different from the badge worn by the players), also burst in spirit:

The only fly in the ointment, as is often the case in the NFL nowadays, was hosiery. A disturbing number of Miami players, including quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, skipped the gorgeous striped socks and simply wore white leggings, which seriously undermined the retro effect:

At the other end of the spectrum, there were also a few players that doubled up on their sock strips, which was fun but a bit too much:

In other news from yesterday’s league:

Tonight: The Bears will be in New England where there are hints that the Pats may be breaking off their old silver pants. I hope! (Update: silver pants confirmed today!)

(My thanks to Andrew Cosentino for the photo of The Raven.)

Two Important Announcements

I could use a little help with the two things I’m working on. First of all, it’s about to come time for my annual Uni Watch Christmas gift guide. By now, you probably already know the rules: I present cool items related to the universe, but not such obvious things as mass-produced T-shirts and hats. See the article : Pocket & Texas Monthly Take You Inside The World of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders With New Partnership. (Here’s last year’s gift guide, for your reference.) So if you know any cool stuff that would be a good candidate to include in this year’s guide – whether it’s something you’re a fan or something you make yourself – definitely throw away my line so I can take a look.

Also: I want to talk to any former or current MLB judges to create a really fun story that I am working on. If you have direct contact details for any of them, please contact us. (Please don’t say “Call the Judges Union”, “Call the Hunter Wendelstedt Judicial School” or “Call MLB” – I’ve already done that. Now I’m looking for direct phone numbers or email addresses.)

Many thanks in advance for all the help you can give on each of these fronts!

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Uni Watch Plus Reminder

With all the hype from my Premium content transition from Bulletin to Substack, I haven’t mentioned Uni Watch Plus in a while. See the article : SPORTSWEEK: Registration underway for Upward basketball, cheering | Local Sports | Here are some basic reminders:

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Color Unveiling

For twenty years I have been going on a daily bike ride in Prospect Park. At this time of year it means I can enjoy my daily leaf hike and the colors change a bit more each day. Read also : Board approves hiring, cheerleading competitions | News | There are many beautiful trees, but my favorite is always this one – the large, majestic sugar maple (official New York State tree, I don’t know). Over the years I started to think of it as “my” tree. I imagine a lot of other people in the park feel the same.

Every day my tree looks a bit more spectacular. At some point, it will soon reach the peak of the show, and then its leaves will begin to fall at a faster pace and will eventually be bare. It’s all fairly simple – I mean, we all know what deciduous trees do in the fall, right? But it still surprises me every year and I never get tired of watching his daily progress every year. Nature is so fucking cool.

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning (nothing serious) so I’ll be gone for a while. Play nice while I’m away. – Paul

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