Kathryn Murphy: an extraordinary cheerleader equipped with perseverance, tenacity

October 28, 2022


Mei Gorecki,

Gilbert Christian High School

Kathryn Murphy performing a toe touch. Photo credit: Stacie Petrini.

Mei Gorecki attends Gilbert Christian High School and is a member of the AIA student SID program.

From COVID-19 interrupting her sophomore season to a torn UCL her junior year, Kathryn Murphy—a senior attending Gilbert Christian High School—has persevered.

What sets Kathryn apart from other athletes is her tenacity. Her four years on the ghost line have experienced ups and downs. He said, “My four years on the team have been a bit rough; freshman year coach changes, COVID-19 affecting my sophomore year, and tearing up my UCL junior year,” and yet, despite all the hardships, Kathryn has seen herself improve in her tumbling, jumping and stunting abilities .

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