Commanders accuse Jim Irsay of violating NFL constitution after saying Dan Snyder should go

The Washington Commanders accused Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay of violating the NFL constitution before the two teams faced off Sunday afternoon.

At the Oct. 18 owners’ meeting, Irsay became the first to publicly state that his controversial colleague should go, arguing that there was “merit to remove” Snyder.

The Chiefs have now hit back at the Colts CEO and owner, claiming he acted in a manner that violated the league’s constitution.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Irsay continues to conduct himself in a manner that clearly violates the NFL’s constitution,” a chiefs spokesman said. We look forward to playing with his team on Sunday. ‘

The spokesman was apparently referring to Article IX of the NFL constitution, which states that no club member may publicly criticize another organization or its management.

Pursuant to Article IX, Section 9.1 (C) (4) of the League’s Bylaws & By statute, any owner is prohibited from ‘publicly criticizing any member club or its management, staff, employees or coaches and/or any football official employed by the league. All complaints or criticisms related to the above are addressed exclusively to the Commissioner and may not be published directly or indirectly.”

The Commanders accused Colts owner Jim Irsay of violating the NFL Constitution

Irsay became the first to publicly state that Commanders owner Dan Snyder needs to go has approached the Colts for comment.

Snyder and Irsay have had no contact since the latter’s comments, ESPN reported.

That could make for an awkward interaction when the two teams meet Sunday afternoon at 4:25 PM ET, as Snyder would attend the game and sit in the visitors’ owners’ box provided by Irsay.

“I only run into owners if it’s really a coincidence,” Irsay told the Washington Post. ‘Most of us don’t see each other unless we happen to be on the playground or somewhere at the same time. This has nothing to do with Dan Snyder. If I played for the Ravens, I wouldn’t know if [owner] Steve Bisciotti was going.’

Irsay drew attention at the NFL meetings earlier this month with his outspoken criticism of Snyder.

“We have to look at all the evidence and we have to be thorough going forward,” Irsay said. “But I think [removal] is something that needs to be seriously considered. I believe it’s in the best interest of the National Football League to look it squarely in the eye and deal with it.”

“I believe in today’s workplace, the standard that the shield represents in the NFL, that you have to protect that,” Irsay added. “I think that when the owners talk to each other, they will make the right decision. My belief is that – unfortunately – this is the path we will probably have to go down. And we need to finish the investigation. But for me, the things that have happened there in the last 20 years are seriously worrying.”

Removing Snyder would be unprecedented and requires 24 votes from the other owners.

Irsay drew attention at the NFL meetings on Oct. 18 with his outspoken criticism of Snyder

Snyder testified to Congress about sexual harassment and hostile workplace allegations against himself and his team. The owners of the rival NFL are said to want him removed

But Snyder reportedly believes he has enough ‘dirt’ on other NFL owners, commissioner Roger Goodell and league officials to ‘blast’ more people and organizations, according to an ESPN report earlier this month.

Snyder has since tried to convince his fellow NFL owners of his innocence while currently under investigation by the league.

In a lengthy letter sent to every owner in the league, Snyder addressed an ESPN article in which he claims he hired private investigators to dig up “dirt” on other owners in the league, as well as Goodell.

“This is patently false and is designed to undermine trust and goodwill between owners, which I take very seriously. I have never hired any private investigator to investigate any owner or commissioner. I have never instructed or authorized my attorneys to hire on my behalf any private detective for such a purpose.And I never would.

He also said that ESPN ‘ignored our efforts to correct the numerous falsehoods in their article prior to its publication.’

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also responded to Irsay’s comments, saying, ‘Speculation without facts is not a very positive thing.’

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responded to Irsay’s comments, saying that speculation without facts is “not a positive thing.”

The club is currently facing a criminal investigation in Virginia, where the Commanders are accused of financial malfeasance for allegedly defrauding season ticket holders of deposits and improperly withholding ticket revenue from NFL teams. The commanders denied these claims.

In addition, the commanders are the subject of a congressional investigation into sexual harassment and hostile workplace allegations.

Various reports detail allegations of sexual harassment by former employees against male co-workers and supervisors, many of whom have since been fired.

Allegations of sexual harassment by team employees ranged from inappropriate comments to the creation of an obscene behind-the-scenes video of a cheerleading calendar shoot in 2008, according to a 2020 report by the Washington Post, which first reported the allegations.

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has faced waves of scandal in recent years

Washington Commanders owner Snyder’s name sits at the table where the Oversight and Reform Committee held a hearing on the toxic workplace culture at the Commanders

In addition, the former cheerleader also claimed that team owner Dan Snyder suggested she join his ‘close friend’ in a hotel room in 2004 so they ‘could get to know each other.’

Those revelations prompted a team investigation led independently by D.C.-area attorney Beth Wilkinson, but the league quickly took control of that probe, with Wilkinson’s team reporting to the commissioner’s office.

The NFL then issued a $10 million fine to punish the club (which is valued at $4.2 billion), and Snyder volunteered to hand over day-to-day control of the team to his wife, Tanya.

But the league’s refusal to release a report of its investigation, citing concerns about witness privacy, prompted the oversight committee to launch its own investigation of the team, Snyder and even the NFL.

Former staffer Tiffani Johnston told the Congressional Oversight Committee that Snyder once groped her thigh during a group dinner and pushed her toward his limo with his hand on her lower back. Snyder has denied the allegations

This investigation led to several allegations of sexual harassment. Specifically, former team employee Tiffani Johnston testified in February that Snyder grabbed her thigh at a team dinner and forced her into a limo — claims Snyder has since denied.

Johnston’s testimony sparked a new league investigation, currently led by Mary Jo White, a former U.S. attorney and chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

White has not informed the league of a timetable for filing the report, although it is believed to be nearing the end of the investigation, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the investigation remains open.


Team owner Dan Snyder: There are several pending charges against Snyder. This may interest you : Notable local job: Head cheerleading coach and special education paraprofessional.

A former cheerleader named Tiffany Bacon Scourby told The Washington Post that in 2004, Snyder suggested she join his “close friend” in a hotel room so they could “get to know each other.”

In February 2022, a former employee told HBO that she saw Snyder laughing and puffing on a cigar as he watched an executive grope her co-worker’s bottom in Snyder’s private suite at FedEx Field.

Another former employee, Tiffani Mattingly Johnston, said Snyder once put his hand on her knee at dinner and later forced her to get into his limo, which she refused.

According to the Washington Post, Snyder privately settled one sexual harassment allegation for $1.6 million in 2009 following an incident on his private jet. The woman, a former club employee, claims Snyder asked her for sex, groped her and tried to remove her clothes while the couple was on the team plane returning from Las Vegas.

His accuser agreed not to sue the team or disclose her allegations as part of the settlement, but the Washington Post published them in June 2022. The newspaper obtained a letter from the team’s attorney detailing her allegations while maintaining that the claims were not credible.

In addition, the billionaire is accused of belittling executives, according to three members of the executive staff. Specifically, he is alleged to have taunted an employee named Dennis Greene for being a college cheerleader and once allegedly ordered him to make a bike for his party. Snyder temporarily handed day-to-day control of the club to his wife, Tanya, as the NFL fined the club $10 million. He now faces a criminal investigation in Virginia, where the club is accused of financial malfeasance for allegedly defrauding season-ticket holders of deposits and improperly withholding ticket revenue from NFL teams. The commanders denied these claims.

Dan Snyder (left) still owns the Washington Football Team, but has temporarily relinquished day-to-day control of the franchise following the NFL’s investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against the club. He has since accused now-former team president Bruce Allen (right) of conspiring to spread false information about him on an Indian website.

Chief Operating Officer Mitch Gershman: Former team employee Emily Applegate said he would routinely compliment her body, while regularly berating her for trivial issues like printer malfunctions. Her statements were supported by two other former employees. When contacted, Gershman told The Post, ‘I can barely even remember who it is,’ adding that he ‘would apologize to anyone who thought I was verbally abusive.’ Gershman left the team in 2015.

Team President Bruce Allen: Although Allen has not been accused of sexual harassment or verbal abuse, Applegate claims he must have known about her problems because he was ‘sitting 30 feet away from me … and saw me sobbing at my desk multiple times on week. ‘ The brother of former Virginia Governor and US Senator George Allen, Bruce, found himself at the center of the Jon Gruden email controversy in October 2021 when racist and homophobic messages from the now former Raiders coach were mysteriously leaked to the media. Ultimately, those emails led to Grund’s firing as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Bruce Allen was fired after the 2019 season, when Washington went 3-13.

Former Washington Redskins Director of Pro Personnel Alex Santos

Director of Pro Personnel Alex Santos: Six former employees and two reporters who covered the team told the Washington Post that Santos made inappropriate comments to them about their performance. He also asked them if they were interested in him romantically. In 2019, he allegedly pinched Rhiannon Walker, a reporter for The Athletic, telling her she had a ‘wagon ass.’ This has resulted in an internal investigation. Another reporter, the Ringer’s Nora Princiotti, also accused Santos of harassing her. Santos, who declined to speak to The Post, was fired in July 2020.

Team radio announcer Larry Michael: Seven former employees told The Post that the ‘voice of the Washington Redskins’ was often outspoken about the appearance of female co-workers, often making sexually derogatory remarks. He was once caught on a ‘hot mic’ in 2018 discussing a female intern’s appearance, six sources told The Post. He is also accused of ordering employees to edit together a video of lewd behind-the-scenes footage of a calendar shoot in 2008. Michael, who declined to speak to The Post, retired in July 2020 after 16 seasons.

Former radio announcer Larry Michael (left) and former Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Richard Mann II (right)

Assistant director of human resources Richard Mann II: In a text message obtained by The Post, Mann told a female colleague that he and other men in the office discussed whether she had plastic surgery on her breasts. He also warned another female colleague to expect an ‘inappropriate hug’ from him, adding, ‘don’t worry about it being a stapler in my pocket, nothing else.’ Mann declined to speak to The Post after he was fired in July 2020.

Former President of Business Operations Dennis Greene

President of business operations Dennis Greene: Five former employees told The Post that Greene required female sales staff to wear revealing clothing and flirt with wealthy season ticket and suite holders. Greene worked for the club for 17 years until 2018, when it was revealed that he had sold access to the team’s cheerleaders at a bikini photo shoot in Costa Rica as part of a ticket package. According to a New York Times investigation, the filming of the 2013 calendar did not involve any sex, but team officials worried the cheerleaders because their passports were taken. Some cheerleaders say they had to go topless, even though the shoot didn’t involve nudity. One day after a 14-hour shoot, nine of the 36 cheerleaders were reportedly asked to accompany the apartment owners to a local nightclub. Several women began to cry, the Times reported. Greene declined to comment and has not worked for the team since resigning in 2018.

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