East, West cheerleaders make up All-State squad | Local News | citizentribune.com

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Cherokee Lake Levels

Douglas Lake Levels

Morristown Parks & Recreation

School Closings – All Saints Episcopal

School Closings – Claiborne Co.

School Closings – Cocke Co.

School Closings – Lakeway Christian

School Closings – Grainger Co.

School Closings – Hamblen Co.

School Closings – Hancock Co.

School Closings – Hawkins Co.

School Closings – Jefferson Co.

School Closings – Morristown Covenant Academy

School Closings – Newport City

School Closings – Rogersville City

Sports Scores – Carson Newman College

Sports Scores – Claiborne Co.

Sports Scores – Cocke Co.

Sports Scores – Grainger Co.

Sports Scores – Hamblen Co. East

Sports Scores – Hamblen Co. West

Sports Scores – Hancock Co.

Sports Scores – Hawkins Co.

Sports Scores – Jefferson Co.

Sports Scores – Walters State Community College

Sports Scores – Lakeway Christian School

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