Here’s what the Falcons had to say after their overtime win

On the win in a crazy game: “This is one of those games that you hope you never (lose) in a game like that. There are so many ups and downs. But we can fight.”

On his football journey: “Eight years, unplanned. It started on the practice squad. I really just put my head down and grind. I believe in myself. I believe in my coach and teammates. This league is about ups and downs. You will play bad. You will play great. It is all about staying level. I have been able to fight my tail off. I have been able to play big. Hopefully, I will continue to do so.”

On his 47-yard touchdown run: “I was behind the play. Marcus (Mariota), as he does, did a great job of extending the play and finding the open guy. Once I kind of caught the ball, I knew that everybody was more high. I was just really trying to find the green grass and follow the big guys, big, strong guys because they’re going to get those good blocks. That’s it.”

In the last few minutes of the game: “It was a blur. I had 30 seconds where I was going to jump out of the roof. Then it was four minutes where I thought I was going to cry. That’s the beauty of the game. You never know what’s going to happen. Right when you don’t think you have a chance, you have a chance. That’s the great thing about this team. We’re going to keep fighting every time we have a chance. I’ll line up with these guys any day of the week.”

On first place: “Anytime you’re in first place, it says something. A guy who’s been here for a few years, this means a lot to us. It’s Year 3, and now we’re in first place. Just don’t look back. “

On winning: “Only highs and lows. At the end of the day, this team will never quit. We stand by each other. When good things happen, we stand by each other. If something bad happens, we stand by each other. We will never stop. We will always fight until the end.”

This is an important victory: “Absolutely, we have a message today that says, ‘Don’t look back.’ We are in first place now. Even though we have a lot of games, don’t look back.”

In the back-and-forth game and the offense is ready to answer: “That’s what we’re proud of. Like coach (Arthur Smith) said, the game doesn’t always go our way, but we have to be able to bounce back and keep fighting. It feels like we always do that every time we’re in a crunch (Time).

When in the first place of the division: “Ayub is not finished. We have to keep working and work on the little things that we missed in this game so that we can continue.

On the mindset of the bench during the back-and-forth game: “The mindset is just to lock down and entertain everyone on the court, just get together and stay locked in. You never know how the game is going to go. As we saw, they had big plays at the end and they scored on it, but we were able to go up and get a field goal to set up the win. It’s about being unselfish and just trusting your teammates.”

In Younghoe Koo became calm: “I feel like that’s the way you should be in big moments. You don’t want to be too rattled, get too emotional, just stay calm, take a deep breath and get the job done, which he does, he always does. He was very close.”

On Panthers running back CB CJ Henderson after his interception in overtime: “Exhausting would be my first word. I couldn’t be more proud of the guys in this room. Especially the O-line and the way we fought today, and the plan we came up with today. The reality that we have done. There are things to improve, but it’s really hard to win in the NFL and especially in a game like that where it goes back and forth so many times. I think it was a very good win for us.

When in the first place of the division: “This is the place you want. This is our expectation. There is no looking back. We must continue to build out of this. The goal is to stay here now. There is no meaning if we are only here for a while . There’s a lot more work to be done, but we’re definitely going to enjoy this.”

On Marcus Mariota’s day: “I couldn’t be more proud of him, the player he is, and the man he is. He’s got that personality that you want to root for him just because of how he takes care of us and the kind of attitude he brings every day. Man, I don’t could be happier he is our midfielder, and I think he is playing well today.

On the importance of winning today: “Like I said earlier, it’s hard enough to win in the NFL like that. There are definitely things we can improve, and the fact that we can still pull off this win, it’s definitely all three phases working together. The defense won score, special team prevented some kicks, we can’t do it without a team effort. There are things we can improve in the three phases as well. I think we keep cleaning things up and hopefully we have some easy wins from one day, but I can’t say enough, and we’ll take this one. We’re very excited about it.”

Lorenzo Carter, outside linebacker

On how the defense felt during the final drive watching the offense: “It’s a team effort. We play complementary football. The offense helps the defense, the defense helps the offense, special teams helps everybody. That’s what we do. This is nothing new. We know we have to work for each other, and we work hard for each other. We fight for each other.”

Does he play a game like this now: “Well, I haven’t, but I always prepare for 60 minutes and some. After those 60 minutes, you have to play extra, that’s what we train a lot, why we deal. That’s why we play this game. “

Does today’s game have the same feeling as the Saints game in Week 1: “Well, I mean, we know what we have to do. Everyone stays pretty even-keeled. Coach makes sure we’re ready to come out, whenever we have to come out. In at the end of the day, we just play football for each other.

In postgame emotions: “We will probably be better tomorrow. At the end of the day, it’s a new week so we will enjoy this victory tonight, go home and celebrate with our friends and family, but after tomorrow, it’s time to prepare for the Chargers.

On the final defensive drive of regulation: “Players make plays. I’ve never seen the ball thrown like that, either. On the run, 70 in the air in the breadbasket. He threw the ball great; D.J. Moore played, then took his helmet and gave us a chance with that flag. You don’t want something like that to happen, but you can’t control everything.

On the missed extra point with 12 seconds left to keep the game: “When they took that flag, I thought let’s block it, make him miss. I didn’t even watch it, but they said he missed it. It gave us another chance, give us more life, then the second I, of course, did not see. I thought (there) would be no way.”

On being first in the NFC South: “That’s our goal, to win the division. That’s a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. Going out there week after week, and winning, especially the division game every single time because the big games feel good to be on top, but we can’t stop there. We have to keep rolling.”

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