KU cheerleader dies by suicide, family starts foundation

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A beautiful soul, a personality that lights up a room, and as clean a smile as they come. Remington Hope Young, 20 years old, was known for her kindness and love for life.

“He’s just as yellow as a person, he’s just the brightest, happiest person in every room,” said friend Kendyl Johnson.

“He’s been a good kid his whole life,” said Remington’s mother, Amy Young. “If somebody’s being bullied, that’s the person, you know, that’s for them. That’s the person.”

“It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s the most beautiful heart,” said family friend Carmen Johnson.

Behind the smile and happiness of Remington, known to many as Remi, was fighting a dark battle, a battle that would eventually cost him his life.

Remington Young – The power-tumbler who could

Remi was born on August 3, 2001. This may interest you : The Life of a Falcons Cheerleader. Remi’s mother, Amy, said her sweet daughter quickly took to the happy leader.

“He said, ‘Mom, I want to lose weight,’ so we took him to the gym,” Amy said. “He started there when he was two years old, and he just took off. They called him a ‘powerful leaven.'”

Amy said Remi knew her cane well before kindergarten. She began competing in Cheer Eclipse at the age of 5.

“It’s going to destroy him, and then at one point, he was on two teams, two rival teams,” Amy said.

Collin Lee and Kendyl and Remi competed in Cheer Eclipse for nearly ten years.

“I remember at halftime he would fall, and he was so talented at such a young age. He knew how to be wild, he knew how to fall, he was amazing, and I was very impressed with him,” Collin said.

“He’s the most talented person ever. I’m older than him, but I remember growing up, I just want to be like Remi when I grow up,” Kendyl said. .

Kendyl, Collin, and Remi are finally going to have fun together at Saito High School.

“He is the person who made me the person I am today and the player I am. I wouldn’t be here without him. I wouldn’t have the skills without him,” said a Collin.

After attending Maize High, Remi took his technical and athletic skills to the University of Kansas (KU).

“Her freshman year, she was the first person to make the national team,” Amy said. “That was amazing. He has wanted to be a KU cheerleader for as long as I can remember.

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Shining bright, yet fighting a dark battle

By her sophomore year, Remi was named captain of the KU cheerleading squad, a title voted on by her peers. From the outside looking in, it looks like Remi has it all. On the same subject : Week 8 Operation Football Cheerleaders: Centerville Elks. He did very well in school and with the fans, but according to his mother and his best friends, Remi struggled.

“One minute he’s in front of, you know, 60,000 people cheering for the KU football team and the next minute he’s in bed and can’t out for three days,” Amy said.

According to Amy, Remi started dealing with anxiety and depression leading up to her freshman year of college. After his first year at KU, Remi tried to take his own life. It wasn’t long before Amy said that Remi and her doctors had created a program for her. He was taking medication and seeing a doctor regularly.

“I was lucky enough to see what happens when you have treatment with drugs and what happens when you don’t. There was a big difference [between] his first year and his second year working as to her programs and her doctor and her psychologist and everything she had to do,” Amy said.

Remi’s health changed during his junior year when he broke his ankle.

“He was hurt. The improvement was seen starting from his grades and he had a hard time,” said Amy.

It wasn’t long before Remi lost his place in the KU fan base due to some tough grades.

“I remember getting that phone call, and she was crying, and I was really worried because of what happened,” said Taylor Cates, Remi’s junior year friend.

Taylor said Remi finally promoted himself and was determined to be a KU cheerleader in the spring. However, Taylor said she felt something was wrong with her best friend leading up to the test in May.

“From February to April, he was very well and the closer he got to the joy of trying, I would say the more anxious and sad he got. He always sat in his room,” said Taylor.

Taylor said that Remi told him that he no longer sees his doctor because of the high cost, and that his doctors have lowered his medication.

“I tried, and I tried to get him to go. I will help you. Whatever you need me to do, you have to tell me,’” Taylor said.

“I think for Remi, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want help. The help that was available to him was invaluable,” said Ryley Elsea, a longtime friend.

Amy felt that Remi was getting help on campus for free. He later found out that was not the case. In May, Remi did not make the 2022 KU cheerleading squad.

Amy remembers when she found out about the story.

“He said, ‘I’m done at KU. I can’t be here. All I know is the fans. I don’t want to be here anymore, mom.’ I said, ‘Okay,’ and so I put him on another plane, and he arrived here,” Amy said.

After Taylor’s final and graduation, Remi went to Texas to visit her mother.

“The last thing he said to me was, ‘give me one last goodbye hug before I go,'” Taylor said.

A few days later, Remi, the shining light beloved by many, died of suicide.

“I don’t want another parent, another friend, anyone to feel this pain. The trauma of walking in and finding the person you love the most in this whole world, gone, ” said Amy.

The news of Remi’s death spread quickly, affecting his friends, family, and strangers.

“I felt guilty that I didn’t know a lot of what was going on or that I didn’t reach out to him when he didn’t make the cheerleading squad. I wish I’d let go of the shame and embarrassment but I I went to him,” Kendyl said.

“Emotions. I felt nothing. I had to leave the house. I spent most of that night out by the lake. Sad for him, his family, and his friends, sad. I wish I could have done more,” Lee said.

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Turning tragedy into a mental health mission: ‘Love Like Remi’

After Remi’s death, Amy goes on a mission to make a difference. This may interest you : Production Day 2021 picks: New free agent. Using the strength from his daughter, he and many others gave their time and talent to ‘Love Like Remi’, which will soon become a non-profit that supports children student-athletes and their minds.

“We wanted to do something in his name. We are committed to helping student-athletes promote mental health and suicide prevention, whatever we can do to do that. thing. We hope for scholarships in his name,” said Amy.

As part of the nonprofit, Amy is sharing Remi’s story with schools and colleges.

“I think this is a great message to parents, to students, to student-athletes, you know, to ask for help and go get it.” It works. I watched it, and when he didn’t get help, that’s when the trouble started,” Amy said.

Some of Remi’s friends have also created prepaid ‘Love Like Remi’ cards. Whether it’s in line at the grocery store or the coffee shop, the goal is to impact someone else’s life in a positive way. Most of the time the card comes with a gift card.

Carmen, a second mother to Remi, shared the cards with people near and far. One of his most memorable encounters was with a man at the airport in the capital of our country.

“There’s a stranger in Washington D.C. who knows Remington now and knows his story and hopefully his light can shine on that side of the country,” Carmen said.

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Mental Health Resources

Whether it’s for a family member, friend, co-worker, or yourself, there is help out there for anyone who needs help with mental health.

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What happened to KU cheerleader Remington young?

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Remington Hope Young, who left us all too soon, on May 22, 2022. Remington was born on August 3, 2001, in Maize, KS. From the young age of three, Remi showed great interest in sports and games.

What happened to the KU cheerleader? The female cheerleader was suspended from the cheering squad Tuesday night during the KU men’s basketball game against the University of Alabama in Birmingham, played at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo., said Jim Marchiony, KU’s associate director of external affairs.

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