An adorable boy jumps for joy with the middle sister’s cheerleading squad

TikTokers can’t get enough of this video of a toddler joining in cheering with her sister’s cheerleading squad.

It has been said that cheerleading is more than a sport, it’s an attitude. TikToker and parent Michelle Rodriguez (@arodsquad) can attest to that after her two-year-old son spontaneously decided to join his older sister’s high school cheerleading squad at a soccer game, and viewers were very impressed with the toddler’s ability to do so. .

The clip, titled “When You’re 2 But You’ve Watched Too Much Cheerleading Practice In The Living Room,” opens with a shot of the cheerleading squad wearing the same navy blue dresses and pink hair bows facing their high school’s football field.

Excited to be at the center of the action, the toddler waves his silver pompoms and looks up at his cheering teammates, trying to match the routine’s choreography. The little boy has impressive rhythm and timing, especially for a two-year-old.

The cheerleader in the middle throws herself into the air and kicks her legs out, inspiring the animated boy to do the same at the end of the routine.

Viewers applaud off-camera and the toddler looks in their direction with a proud grin before the video ends.

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Viewers immediately fell in love with the two-year-old cheerleader.

“That’s it. This is your content now. Give the people what they want,” advised one user.

“Yeah, yeah, get him to the top of the pyramid because he has to be the star,” one TikToker encouraged him.

“As a coach of youth fans, this is my favorite! I really like it when younger brothers or sisters join in,” said one instructor.

“Can you do a stunt with him?” asked one TikToker.

The little boy may only be 2 years old, but his fan base is already in the millions, thanks to this video.

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How do I prepare for cheerleading?

How to prepare for cheerleading tryouts On the same subject : Go hiking! Can the Wyoming Cheerleaders score?.

  • Exercise every day.
  • Remember the dance and cheer.
  • Take time to stretch.
  • Exercise at least every other day.
  • Talk yourself into real success.
  • Nail your stumble.
  • Mentally toughen yourself up.
  • Eat very healthy food.

Is cheering hard? Whether it’s high school cheer, all star or college, tryouts can be stressful. You have to flip, perform stunts, perform jumps, all while trying to make it look beautiful and effortless in front of a panel of judges.

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What to wear to cheer tryouts?

What to wear for fan rehearsals? For cheerleading tryouts, it’s best to wear athletic shorts and tank tops/tops and a sports bra to give you the best range of motion and flexibility. See the article : No more cheerleaders and the current need for ‘founder tweak’. You’ll also want to wear cheer specific shoes so you have the best power for your performance.

Can you wear tights to cheer trials? Cheer may also wear a bow in her hair – but this is optional. Dance clinic girls may wear tennis shoes or dance shoes, leggings and a t-shirt or t-shirt. For rehearsals on Thursday, they will wear sneakers or dance shoes, black shorts and a white T-shirt or T-shirt. The hair will have to be pulled back for trials by both teams.

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