Area cheerleaders compete in the Rally in the Valley

The cheerleading teams from Kenai Central, Soldotna and Homer traveled to the Rally in the Valley cheer competition on Oct. 22 at Colony High School in Palmer.

The competition is for the football cheerleading teams to compete at the end of the season. This year’s competition drew nine university teams. The Alaska School Activities Association has no official state championship for football cheerleading.

“This is an event we look forward to every season,” Kenai Central head coach Brianna Force wrote in an email. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase our skills and get to see other cheer teams from around the state do the same.

“This competition is a great way to end our season and end on a high note.”

Homer coach Winter Marshall-Allen wrote that it has been just under a decade since the Mariners competed at the Rally in the Valley.

The Cardinals competed in the 5-man stunt group, Varsity Game Time and Varsity Halftime contests. The Stars had five athletes perform solos and also participated in the Varsity Game Time and Varsity Halftime contests. The Mariners had three athletes perform solos and competed in 5-person stunt group, Varsity Game Time and Varsity Halftime.

In the solo competition, Wasilla’s Noah Huffman took first place, while Juneau’s Kristie Kulberth placed second. Rounding out the top 10 from the Peninsula were Homer’s Ally High in sixth, Soldotna’s Danica Farrar in ninth and Soldotna’s Rylen Reed in 10th.

Juneau won the 5-person stunt group. Kenai’s team of Makenzie Harden, Sylvia McGraw, Maya Montague, Ella Romero and Kaitlyn Taylor placed second. Homer’s team of Lauren Harris, Tuong Tran, Carlie Johnson, Ally High and Marilyn Brewer-Cote placed fifth.

In Varsity Game Time, Juneau took first place, while Bartlett was second, Kenai was third, Soldotna was fourth and Homer was sixth.

In Varsity Halftime, Juneau took first, Colony took second, Kenai took seventh, Soldotna took eighth and Homer took ninth.

The Soldotna Cheerleading Squad. (Photo provided)

The Homer cheerleading squad. (Photo provided)

Who are the fittest athletes?

Teams that place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their respective division will also receive a team banner, and each participant from those teams will receive individual mini-banners recognizing their performance. All Division Champions will receive exclusive Summit Champion Rings!
Sports Illustrated’s 50 Strongest Athletes in SportsRankAthlete
Sport1LeBron James
Basketball2Cristiano Ronaldo
Football3Usain Bolt


Are boxers the fittest athletes?

What type of athletes are the strongest? Decathletes are among the strongest athletes today. They can run hundreds or thousands of meters in a short time. See the article : Panthers’ Baker Mayfield tops charts as QB most likely to be benched first this season, study finds. They compete in ten athletic events such as shot put, discus, javelin and long jump, to name a few. These events require balance, agility and power.

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What is an elite cheer team?

They scored out of 10 an athlete’s endurance, speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, nerve, durability, hand-eye coordination and analytical skills (10 being the highest). Boxing came out on top and scored the highest of all 60 sports tested and analyzed with a score of 72. This may interest you : Mipcom panelists talk about diversity, including: “We need to be Cheerleaders, not Gatekeepers”.38 out of 110.

Elite. For people with strong cheer training and solid technical skills. Elite teams are made up of athletes who are ready for highly competitive performance levels.

What is the most elite cheer competition?

What is the difference between elite and prep cheer? The first number refers to the level of stunts that can be performed, while the second number refers to the level of tumbling. As you can see, prep is a good option for those who don’t have quite the same tumbling ability as the elite athletes. Read also : The cheerleaders and the band introduced themselves ahead of the American football game in Dublin. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t stunt!

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