Cardinals fight back against Panthers and other tally of Arizona’s 26-16 Carolina victory

Will Hernandez stood in front of the cardinals’ locker room in a T-shirt and uniform pants, watching a TV monitor set high on the wall opposite the door in which he stood. The tunnel leading to the pitch was less than 50 feet away, but the cardinals’ guard had already been exiled for making contact with an official while trying to defend the honor of fallen teammate James Conner.

The moment Hernandez left the game, it could have been a disaster. The match was drawn. The Panthers were about to receive a penalty when defender Frankie Luvu threw Conner to the ground. The cards were supposed to be inside Carolina 5.

But Hernandez followed Luvu, taking a compensatory foul and then getting fired for making contact. The Cardinals offensive line, which had already defeated Justin Pugh due to a prolonged elbow injury, now had to use a second-back. And the Cardinals finally had to settle for a kick on goal, from the lithe kicker Matt Prater – whose hip hurt so much that the escaping Eno Benjamin had to kick a few times.

“I wish Will would have done it because I knew they wanted to make it over and over again when he was just protecting James,” said Kyler Murray.

Ultimately, it did not break the cardinals. Instead, the Panthers broke, with J.J. Watt and Dennis Gardeck team up in the next series to force the interception that ended matters, with Kyler Murray and Hollywood Brown putting the icing on the cake with a great TD serving.

The game still wasn’t smooth. The cardinals know it. Kliff Kingsbury and Murray definitely know that. The same performance will not beat the Eagles next week. But it was a win that the cardinals had to win, and they got it, and what they need – you can see it’s there. Whether they can squeeze enough time out still has to be proven.

“No matter what it takes to be 2-2, it was a mantra,” Kingsbury said. “It was a mission.”

– Murray said he knew we “would be okay” after the slow start of the offensive, although it could have been about Panther’s ineptitude as much as what the cardinals would have done. But when they finally broke through, they overcame what had previously killed them. The Cardinals scored the first goal at Carolina 6 and Trey McBride’s false start pushed him back to 11. But in the end Murray found a tight player Zach Ertz with a 2-yard TD pass.

“To finally touch the end zone – it’s been six quarters since we touched the end zone – the touch of the end zone felt completely new,” said Murray. “This is crazy.”

– Murray was caught by TV cameras very unhappy with Kingsbury (and Kingsbury yelling in response) after the Cardinals were forced to burn out the game clock while the game clock was flying.

“You saw that,” Murray said. “I’m just trying to get to the ball and go. They are one of those teams, they are struggling with the pace.

Kingsbury chose a lethal answer to the back and forth question.

“I just saw what he wanted to eat after the game,” joked Kingsbury. “If we bring him something separately or let him go with the standard team meal.” What was the choice, he was asked. “Salmon.”

James Conner has not played a great statistic game – 55 yards out of 13 passes – but again, when the Cardinals take the lead, he weakens the defense and the clock runs late. After the Panthers were late to 10, Conner made five consecutive times to generate the first two lows and allow Murray to kneel to bleed to the end of the clock. Conner also had one nasty straight hand on the Panthers Jaycee Horn corner.

These kneelings accounted for three of Murray’s 12 official rush attempts, but cardinals now have a 12-1 when he rushes at least nine times. His stats weren’t amazing – 29 yards out of a nine non-kneelers – but he scored and the Panthers had to worry about him all the time.

Zach Allen had a good season, but he had his first duffel this year, he knocked down three passes and earned J.J. Wat later. Allen was fantastic – at the right moment in the final year of his contract.

– Due to the injury of Prater, the escaping Eno Benjamin had to start the game several times in the fourth quarter. According to my memories, Benjamin is the first Cardinals player to take off since Pat Tillman in New York after the infamous Bill Gramatica jumped to celebrate the first half-goal and tear his -Play ACL.

– Just in case, I will not be surprised to see a kicker in the training squad this week.

Trey McBride had his first three NFL catches and I’ll have to call but I think he had more snaps than Maxx Williams.

– Two unsuccessful fourth attempts for the Cardinals, both needed one yard. First, the Rondale Moore was used for a jet that didn’t fool the Panthers at all – “I tried to be too fancy,” admitted Kingsbury – and second, center Rodney Hudson sent a picture that even Carson Palmer would not have taken. managed to catch.

Rondale Moore’s comeback was the result of a deep shot (he caught the ball but clearly out of bounds) but also a few quick horizontal passes like last season. Its use will be something to watch. However, Hollywood Brown made some fantastic stunts under pressure. He’s been looking great the last two games.

How Much do NFL referees earn? The official salary for NFL judges has not been disclosed, but as of 2019, it has been reported that NFL judges earn an average of $ 205,000 per year. NFL referees are not paid for the match. Instead they get a flat rate each season.

Where is Kliff Kingsbury House?

The 7,000-square-foot Kingsbury entrance in Paradise Valley, Arizona, has a 15-foot-long door designed and manufactured by Sonoran Doors. On the same subject : My Chemical Romance Gerard Way rocked a cheery dress during the concert.

Where is Kliff Kingsbury now? Kliff Timothy Kingsbury (born August 9, 1979) is an American football coach and former quarterback who is the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL).

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SportAverage payout
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How to become an NFL referee? The road to becoming an NFL judge is long. In order to be eligible for a post, judges should have at least ten years of experience. Read also : 2022 NFL Hall of Famer: Tony Boselli ‘The hall speech is not an easy task’. This experience is usually gained by refereeing high school games, student games, and semi-professional games.

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