Doctor sentenced for sending ‘sexually motivated’ messages to California high school cheerleaders

A doctor accused of sending “sexually motivated” messages to two high school cheerleaders using false names on social media while volunteering on a Newport Beach campus was sentenced Friday to six months in prison.

David Lee Haller, the family doctor, was also sentenced to a year of formal probation – with an additional 183 days in prison, avoided pending completion of supervised release – and ordered to register as a sex offender after being convicted of two offense, annoying the child.

Haller, now 55, was charged with sending two 15-year-old students at Newport Harbor High a message in late 2017 in which family members said they were “frightening” the girls and making them feel like they were being bullied. During this time, Haller was a volunteer for UC Irvine Spirit Cheerleading, who also served as a physician at many of the events at Newport Harbor High School.

According to prosecutors, Haller first contacted one of the teens via a direct message on Instagram in which he pretended to be a high school cheerleader and asked about high school cheerleading costumes and if the boys had ever tried to look into their skirts. When the girl blocked him, prosecutors say Haller used his Snapchat account to ask her again about cheerleading uniforms and ask if he could donate her money, implying that he was watching her.

Haller used Snapchat to send a message to the other girl, prosecutors said, telling her he saw her during the match and describing exactly where she was placed among the other cheerleaders. Haller also told the teenager that he saw her bend over and felt guilty for watching her.

Prosecutors say Haller also sent a message to two other girls, although he was not directly charged for the news. A trainer at the school contacted authorities after realizing that an unknown person had contacted multiple cheerleaders on social media and had contacted some of them directly.

Haller initially denied the school resource officer was behind the news, prosecutors said until the officer said he linked the social media accounts that contacted the girls to his phone.

According to prosecutors, Haller then told the school resource officer that if news came from him or someone else that it wasn’t meant to be threatening or harassing, adding that he liked watching cheerleaders and saying 16-year-olds “look like” 18-year-olds and “He looks at them even though he knows he shouldn’t.”

Prosecutors in a short sentence stated that the girls with whom he sent Haller a message were particularly vulnerable due to their age, that he showed planning and sophistication by using multiple social media accounts with fake names, and that he availed himself of the access he had as a doctor and volunteer.

The attorney representing Haller previously wrote in the court application that Haller never attempted to establish a personal relationship with any of the teenage cheerleaders via social media and never contacted them personally.

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