I tried on my old cheerleading uniforms – they’re tiny but people think I look good…

TikTok cheerleading enthusiast Alegra has worn her old cheerleading uniform from her years of competition, drawing rave reviews from her fans.

Some were small, but people thought they looked great.

When you look into your childhood closet you may want to look through the door to the past.

Filled with old clothes and saved costumes, you can find tangible items that symbolize incredible memories.

Alegra pulled out six of her old cheer uniforms and rated them in a recent video.

The now retired athlete excelled in high school and into college.

To begin the presentation, Alegra slipped into a red and white set.

This long miniskirt combo wasn’t technically her first outfit, but it was one of them.

The sparkly set covered a little more than underwear.

“I lost my first one,” she admitted.

Then, she put on what she would label as the “least comfortable outfit.”

A long white tank with the letters “ERHS” stitched across the top matched a white, blue and orange skirt.

The top went over the top of the skirt, making the whole outfit look like a dress.

And her “most comfortable” uniform looked as if it was also a dress.

Alegra changed into a navy blue two piece with orange and white details along the bottom and top seams.

Her “school cheer uniform” is a white version.

Both have a letter “F” in the middle.

Alegra then put on her current uniform, which is just a pair of spandex and a T-shirt since she’s retired now.

Finally, she pulled out her favorite one.

This outfit was an orange, blue and white halter top with a matching mini skirt.

Most of his torso area was exposed.

Despite the fact that most of her old outfits barely covered her body, the audience thought they all looked good.

“Baddie,” said one, while another said: “You’re so nice!”

“I love it,” admitted a supportive woman.

A certain follower wrote: “They all look amazing sweetheart.”

Is gymnastics or cheerleading better?

Gymnastics is more difficult than cheer, mainly because of the physical strength required and the power you will need to produce to perform such tasks in gymnastics. See the article : Tim Jones: “I’ll take full advantage.” | Press Conference. In addition, gymnastics has been proven to be the toughest sport in the world, both mentally and physically.

Is cheerleading one of the most expensive sports? The price tag is among the highest of any student activity: competitive cheer costs typically $2,000-$3,000 per season per athlete. Competitive cheer teams are always looking for new fundraising ideas to fund the competition season and grow their program.

Is competitive cheer the most expensive sport?

In cheerleading, as in any sport, gear and uniforms can cost participants a pretty penny—whether you’re playing at a professional, recreational, or beginner level. On the same subject : The Eagles reach the 80-player limit. Cheerleading can be one of the most expensive sports, especially since most schools do not fully fund their sideline cheer squads.

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What is the hardest position in cheer?

What is the most difficult situation in cheerleading? Many people argue that the most difficult position in cheerleading is the base. Read also : Can Ducis Do It?: Eagles cheerleaders challenge Ducis to run 5k for a good cause. Every stunt needs a solid base to be successful! The bases must have a firm base, solid supports, and be able to catch flyers at any point during the routine.

What is the best girl in cheerleading? The top girl, or flyer, is the one that is lifted and thrown into the air during stunts. They spin energetically and move mid-air, trusting their bases and watchers to catch them safely. As shown in season two, she qualified for the 2020 NCA Championships in Daytona, Florida.

What is the highest level of cheer?

Level 7 is the highest level in cheerleading, where the most skills are allowed. It is commonly believed that the higher the level of a team, the better it is.

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