Answer your Las Vegas raider questions:

HENDERSON, Nev.– The Las Vegas Raiders have one of the most passionate fan bases in all of professional sports.

Every week we try to answer the emails and questions you send us. So let’s get ready for this week’s mailbag.

Hondo, do you still feel this team can make the playoffs, and do you still believe in Josh McDaniels? You always speak the truth and have no emotions, I love that. –Bruce G.

They made it difficult, but yes, I think this team can make the playoffs, and yes, I believe in Josh McDaniels. Please remember this, my job is not to be a cheerleader or a pessimist. My job is to tell you what I think, and what I really think.

Hondo, I have been a Raider fan for 44 years. All the time I was in the Silver and Black world, I was angry with a player or a coach but I was never humiliated by my team. On Sunday, I did not see the fire, there was no zeal, and no one held others accountable. For the first time, I was ashamed to be a Raider. I have sold my remaining tickets for this season. If they don’t mind, I’m not spending the extra money to come there every weekend. I’m not angry, I’m sad, maybe now, indifferent. –Mr. R.

I have said many times that the owner, players, referees, cheerleaders, support staff, and media are paid to be there. It is the ONLY paying fan. You have a right to be angry, and I can’t argue with you on anything you said.

Hondo, have the Raiders resigned to Josh McDaniels? –Efraim M.

I don’t think so, but the performance on Sunday said something. If they play like that again, then I think it’s a point, but in talking to them, and off the record, that’s not what I think.

Hondo, I’m sorry, but Josh McDaniels has nothing wrong with this team. All I know is that we wouldn’t have played like we did Sunday under Rich Bisaccia. This team fought for and loved him. Our current team doesn’t seem to hate him, it’s like he doesn’t exist. –P. Wright

Hondo, I’m sure Josh is a great guy, but his track record as a head coach says it all. Bring back Jon Gruden or Rich Bisaccia. We were all better. — Allen T.

Hondo, I know you think Josh McDaniels is a good coach. I respect your opinion, and I’m an emotional supporter, but if the team plays like they did last week at any point later this season, I’m done. No desire, no love, no fight. –Susan M.

I can see why you are all upset. I respect that. The team was lifeless, and that is unacceptable.

War, enjoy your Raiders coverage the most. IMHO it’s pretty obvious the lack of strengthening the OL and Interior DL ​​in the off-season is hindering the teams progress. Whose feet does the blame fall on in your opinion, Owner, GM or HC? Thank you. –Raider Tony

This is a good question, and a good one, but we need to look at the facts. There is a salary, and since their arrival, Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels have taken a long way to run the team.

If they didn’t feel that the player was worth the selection or price or loaned too much for the future they didn’t go with it. I understand your concerns, but bad teams are often the result of poor management to begin with.

Great players don’t grow on trees. I know one player that people have been crying about, who has cancer in the locker room. That’s why no one signed him. I can assure you of this, Dave and Josh are looking under every rock, but they don’t panic and make a bad deal. Whether you admit it or not, that discipline is what they are, and Mark Davis knows it.

Have the players ever shown that these plans are failing? –Thanks, Gary Stern, White Plains, NY

I have yet to hear a complaint on either side of the ball from any player, on or off the record as it relates to the failure of the program. Is it difficult? Yes, but not a failure.

Hondo, all this week, did you get any clarification about what happened? –Chris D.

I’m not sure, but I will say something that stuck out to me. First, let me give you the transcript of what Offensive Coordinator Mick Lombardi said:

“I think it’s clear that we didn’t do anything right in this game. It starts with us as coaches doing a better job of getting the players ready to go. Our urgency as a staff to them wasn’t where it should have been. It has been.”

When he said that, I said to myself: “There’s no way he said that.” I did this for decades, and I was amazed. You can watch the actual video below for yourself.

So I asked Josh McDaniels about that quote. Here is the text of my question and his answer:

Q: Mick Lombardi yesterday talked about the staff not doing a good job conveying a sense of urgency to the players. At this stage with so much on the line, does it bother you that the players had to have that sense of urgency brought to them, and just didn’t have it?

Coach McDaniels: “I mean, you all have to have it. This is the National Football League and, look, our job is to prepare and win. You know, that’s what we get paid to do. So, if you need a big pep talk, or a big speech, or something like that to get yourself excited to compete at this level, that’s always a potential issue. But I heard that our players were ready to train last week. I thought they had a good week of practice and preparation. That was not our M.0., it was not our identity this year. And we will work hard to make sure we don’t let it happen again going forward. Again, I think there’s a lot that goes into sports when you don’t play a lot, and there’s usually a lot of little things you can do better. So, we’re working hard and making sure that we’re trying to eliminate some of those things and improve the things that we didn’t do well enough. “

Josh quickly took it back, but that’s why coaches don’t like their assistants talking to the media. Now let me be clear, many coaches, even if they don’t feel they are to blame, take the heat. It was good with Lombardi’s first two lines. But a third said: “Our level of urgency as staff towards them was not where it should have been.”

The third line for me was Lombardi speaking from his heart. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and no one has been able to convince me otherwise.

Mr. Muvezi. Last week in a question-and-answer article, your description of Josh McDaniels as a person and coach was excellent. I listen and watch you on TV, radio and you are never afraid to go against the crowd. You changed my opinion of McDaniels. Now I ask, who are the others not getting? You turned me on to Derek Carr again, so I want to know who else is missing. –Roger Gent

Thanks, and good question. I think Dave Ziegler is a guy who doesn’t see people. I personally like him, a lot, as do Josh and Derek. He is smart and devoted to his job and family, but the boy is just a football savant. He knows the game of football, but like Josh now, and Derek is not arrogant. It’s not arrogant to be confident in what you know, and Ziegler is smart.

Hey Hondo, I love your weekly quiz notes. I also love your videos from the locker room. You seem to have a good relationship with boys. Bilal Nichols strikes me as a guy who doesn’t care. Is it true? Keep up the awesome work, you are my favorite Raiders hit guy. –G. Perez

I think you are missing Bilal by a mile. He is a very cerebral man, but he loves the game. Personally, I like him a lot, and I feel the same way about the actor.

War, your stories from the locker room are great. I love the way you do interviews with the stars and the actors. My son and I watch them all every week. On a side note, thanks for regularly interviewing so many offensive linemen. My son, thanks to your interview, wants an Alex Bars and Thayer Munford jersey for Christmas. –Pete L.

Thanks Pete for watching. I like to take people where they can’t go, and I get there. Alex and Thayer are very nice people, and they are an excellent choice for your son to admire, off and on the field.

Hondo, I wanted to listen to you and Kolton Miller talk football. Your locker room interviews are awesome. Love the chemistry with the team, and love your bold take. I know you keep telling us that OL is not as bad as we think, I trust you. –C. Garcia

Thanks, I like talking to the people inside, and getting to know the guys as people. While I don’t think it’s the best OL play, I also don’t think it’s as terrible as some people think. The team was the third-ranked offense in the NFL heading into last weekend. They don’t become great, or fail completely over one game.

War — You are good. Love your positivity and reporting. With his longtime friend, Dave Ziegler firmly in place as GM, I don’t see Josh McDaniels being let go in the middle of the season. I was hoping that Josh would actually be the Raiders’ favorite, but I have serious doubts 7 games in. How long do you think Josh and Dave should convert? –Congratulations, Mike

Great question. Mark Davis isn’t happy with his team’s performance, but neither is anyone else in the organization. With that said, I would be surprised if they don’t come back next season, shocked, unless we see a repeat of last week.

Hondo, I just moved to Las Vegas from Northern Ohio. I loved when you covered the Big Ten. I became a Raiders fan when you went there and I still follow you. I recently found Vic Tafur. What do you think of Vic? –Colin P. is from Toledo

First, I’m glad you’ve been a follower before, and I hope you enjoy the same coverage I’m providing now. Vic is a great person, journalist, father, and husband. I highly recommend him.

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How early should I get to Allegiant Stadium?

Allegiant Stadium’s general admission gates open two hours before kickoff for Las Vegas Raiders games. To see also : Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Dani is ready for the 2022 season, Gronk tests Brady’s underwear and T.O. Runs A 4.38 40. Allegiant Stadium VIP doors open three hours before kickoff ( source ).

Are there shuttles to Allegiant Stadium? Deuce on the Strip service For visitors traveling from downtown Las Vegas or the Strip, RTC’s popular single-decker Deuce service offers convenient, 24/7 service to get fans to Allegiant Stadium and T-Mobile Arena.

What should I do before a Raiders game? 11 Things to Do in Vegas When You Come to a Raiders Game

  • Get behind the scenes of Allegiant Stadium.
  • Enjoy a cold one at Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas.
  • Take a swing at Topgolf.
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  • Visit the world’s largest sports directory.
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How fast can you get into Allegiant Stadium? The Ticketmaster Box Office at Allegiant Stadium hours: Raiders Gameday: Opens four (4) hours prior to kickoff and closes at halftime. UNLV Football Gameday: Opens four (4) hours before kickoff and closes at halftime. Event Dates: Opens one (1) hour prior to gate opening time.

Do you need to be vaccinated to go to Allegiant Stadium?

The Las Vegas Raiders will not require proof of CCID-19 protection or masks for home games at Allegiant Stadium. Read also : SCHOOLS: Jefferson County’s high schools boast an inspiring talent. Throughout the pandemic, we have followed the advice and guidance of federal and state medical professionals to create a safe environment for our employees, players and fans.

Do you need a ticket to enter Allegiant Stadium? (1) Official Identification: Government issued ID. b. Minors: Government issued ID or Parent/guardian who can provide seal of name/identification of the minor.

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How much is a brick at Allegiant Stadium?

The Legacy Bricks will be placed at the front door. All money raised through the Legacy Brick Program will benefit the Raiders Foundation. This may interest you : Jerry Jones on Cowboys’ $2.4M Cheerleaders Settlement: ‘We Take These Allegations Very Seriously’. Prices range from $850 to $1,500 and are listed below.

How much is PSL at Allegiant Stadium? The Raiders sold PSLs for 55 of the 65 seats at Allegiant Stadium, ranging in price from $500 for the cheapest seats to $75 for prime seats. About 33,000 PSL customers are from Nevada and about 7,000 fans had season tickets in Oakland.

What is a heritage brick? The Don Diego Legacy Brick program enables you to create a customized brick that will be permanently placed on the Don Diego Legacy Fountain located in the Plaza de Mexico at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Your purchase enables Don Diego to continue providing scholarships and grants.

What is the roof of Allegiant Stadium made of?

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