Cumberland County Schools, Carolina Panthers donate 2,000+ backpacks to kids in need

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Cumberland County Schools, together with the Carolina Panthers, in partnership with Balm at Gilead, delivered more than 2,000 backpacks, among others, to needy families in the area Monday night.

Over the summer, the Carolina Panthers have donated 5,000 backpacks to the school system and the district joined Fayetteville’s family counseling service to distribute some of them to students on Monday.

“We thank our committed community partners for their incredible support,” said Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr., CCS superintendent. “Dr. Vivian Rhone and her team of volunteers did an amazing job tonight. It is truly a representation of our community committed to action. Students, CCS employees and community partners join forces to help our students prepare for a successful school year.”

Throughout the donation event, thousands of families attended and were greeted with backpacks, school supplies, and even some fresh and warm food.

“It’s very humbling,” said Dr. Vivian Rhone, CEO of Balm at Gilead. “Everyone here understands. They understand what this event is all about. It’s about identifying with each other and those in need and understanding the need for compassion.”

What are the pros and cons of living in Arkansas?

Pros of Living in ArkansasCons of Living in Arkansas
4. Diamond Mine4. State Tax on Car Sales
5. Things to do5. Tourist City as a Place to Live
6. Affordability6. Governments of the Past
7. Presidential City7. No International Airport

What are the negative impacts of Arkansas? 10 Cons About Living in Arkansas To see also : The Gay Falcons cheerleader got engaged in the last game of the season.

  • High Crime Rate. KAIT 8 reports Arkansas made WalletHub’s list of the worst states for raising a family, coming in at number six. …
  • Below Average Education System. …
  • Very Rural. …
  • High Poverty Rate. …
  • Danger of Insects and Animals. …
  • High Obesity. …
  • Lack of Public Transportation. …
  • High Sales Tax.

Why is Arkansas a good place to retire? With its mountains, caves and forests, Arkansas is a treasure trove of natural beauty. The state offers a number of laid-back communities with no shortage of activities and great food – plus you can enjoy the famous Hot Springs National Park, known for its 47 natural hot springs.

Is moving to Arkansas a good idea? Arkansas’ low housing costs, high quality of life, and plenty of outdoor recreation make it one of the best places to live in America. If you want to enjoy some of the best southern hospitality and a laid-back attitude, moving to Arkansas could be all you need.

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Is Fayetteville Arkansas good place to live?

Fayetteville is in Washington County and is one of the best places to stay in Arkansas. Living in Fayetteville offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. This may interest you : Doctor accused of sending ‘sexually motivated’ messages to Newport Harbor High cheerleaders sentenced. In Fayetteville there are many bars, coffee shops and parks.

Why do people move to Fayetteville Arkansas? Fayetteville’s low cost of living, strong job market, beauty, great home values, community focus, and growing population make it one of the most coveted places in Arkansas.

Where does Fayetteville Arkansas rank the best places to live? The city where the University of Arkansas and dozens of local businesses is ranked No. 7. To determine its ranking, the publication uses data from sources such as the US Census Bureau, FBI, US Department of Labor, and internal sources.

How much does it cost to live in Fayetteville Arkansas? The cost of living in Fayetteville, AR is 3% lower than the state average and 12% lower than the national average. Fayetteville, AR housing is 27% cheaper than the US average, while utilities are about 6% cheaper.

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