Former Louisville Cardinals cheerleader Eric Ortiz died unexpectedly over the weekend

A 10-time national champion and former Louisville Cardinals cheerleader was found dead over the weekend at just 30 years old.

Eric Ortiz died unexpectedly of unknown causes over the weekend, according to family members and former teammates.

GymTime All Stars shared the news of his death with their thousands of followers on Monday in a tribute to the ‘captivating’ and ‘genuine’ athlete and friend.

The Louisville Cardinals were scheduled to welcome alumni back to school for Homecoming Weekend in which former cheerleaders would take the field to cheer alongside current team members.

Eric Ortiz, former Louisville Cardinals cheerleader, died unexpectedly over the weekend

Ortiz, just 30, was known as a dedicated athlete and leader in the cheerleading world, according to teammates and friends.

“This weekend was supposed to be just like any other Homecoming weekend here in Louisville,” officials wrote. “This Homecoming weekend turned out to be one that none of us expected.”

The group said that Eric was ‘called home’ in the post which applauded the enormous talent he brought to the team.

‘Eric Ortiz was a force when he joined our program. I could do stunts, flips, jumps, dance and perform with some of the greatest athletes to ever step on a cheer floor. He was captivating as an athlete. He could do it all and he did. He was a leader in practice and on the competition track.’

Shortly after news of her death broke, tributes began pouring in from friends, loved ones, former teammates and even those who she didn’t know but were touched by her impact on the cheerleading community.

One of the most heartbreaking messages came from the beginning of Netflix’s ‘CHEER’, Gabi Butler, who shared several photos with Eric on Instagram on Monday.

“My heart is completely broken into a million pieces,” Butler wrote. “The thought of not being able to hear your laugh or see that beautiful smile shatters me.”

‘I wish I could have given you more, because you gave a lot of yourself to a lot of people. You walked into a room and it lit up with this bright light. You were full of joy, laughter, happiness, light and love.

Gabi Butler, star of Netflix’s ‘CHEER’, shared a tribute to Eric on Instagram on Monday

Butler and Eric appeared to have been friends for years, based on photos he posted to his own Instagram page in 2016.

‘From the moment I saw you, I knew you were special. You walked up to me with the biggest smile on your face and said “Hi, I’m Eric, I’m your new base…can I throw you?” and I knew from that moment that we were going to click and be the best of friends.

“The memories that we have shared are the ones that many people cannot share because they were very special. You were such a unique/old soul and all I can say now is that I will always and forever love you with every part of me. You were too good a person and now they called you to go home.

Your memory will live with me forever and I want to thank you for making me feel like I was invincible because you always made me feel like I was on top of the world. I love you with all my heart and soul Eric… rest easy my angel, we will always miss you and you will be in my heart.’

Ortiz was widely recognized within the cheerleading community as one of the best in the business, amassing two world championship titles in addition to the ten national wins he and his team achieved.

In her many years as a cheerleader, Ortiz won 10 national championships and two world championships with her team.

The entertainer has already been praised by hundreds of friends and family on various social media platforms, as well as on her obituary website.

‘Eric was such a sweet, amazing, genuine person. There were always lots of smiles, hugs and reasons to laugh when he was around. His positivity was contagious with his teammates, program, and friends. It was a light that pushed away any darkness and worry that was present,’ GymTime All Stars continued in their tribute.

An obituary posted by Eric says that the entertainer died on October 22 and that her memorial and funeral services will be held in the Bronx, her hometown, on Thursday and Friday.

‘As we all face this dark time together, we will remember that we are not alone. We still have each other and our memories of you. We will miss you terribly, but we know you would want us to live our best life.

‘Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful time here.’

Eric’s brother Richie was one of the first to share the news of the cheerleader’s death.

Eric’s brother Richie shared this photo of them together on his Instagram post announcing his brother’s death.

On Saturday, he posted on Instagram a series of photos dating back to when they were both young children.

‘My heart is really broken. How can they take away such a wonderful person?! Why?! Eric, I love you and miss you so much. I can’t even believe I’m writing this. This one hurts,’ Richie wrote.

On Sunday, he followed up his Instagram post with a message on Twitter that read, “I just want my brother back.”

Cheer Updates, a news site dedicated to cheerleading news, also posted about Eric’s death, recalling it as an ‘iconic’ moment from a 2015 championship.

Keeping the entire University of Louisville cheerleading program, GymTyme, friends and family of cheerleading legend Eric Ortiz in our thoughts today ❤️

The year was 2015 in an iconic Day 2 fix and illustration of keeping pyramid holds to avoid legality.

He will be missed.

“Keeping the entire University of Louisville cheerleading program, GymTyme, friends and family of cheerleading legend Eric Ortiz in our thoughts today.

‘The year was 2015 in an iconic Day 2 fix and illustration of keeping pyramid holds to avoid legality. He will be missed,” Cheer Updates wrote on Twitter.

Responses to her post were flooded with followers expressing shock, confusion, and sadness over the cheerleader’s death.

‘EXCUSE ME……..????? please tell me this is a lie,’ one person said in response.

‘My heart is breaking for his family. What happened?’ another commenter asked.

Details surrounding Eric’s death remain under wraps at this time.

‘An absolute icon. That correction was epic. It was a pleasure to see him perform. Life is so damn fragile. RIP ERIC,’ one person said.

Eric also danced with the Louisville LadyBirds during his time at the Kentucky school.

The Louisville LadyBirds, the University of Louisville dance team, also shared a post in remembrance of their former teammate, calling Eric a “perfect teammate.”

“Our hearts are heavy this weekend with the news of the passing of one of our former teammates. To know him was to love him, and dancing with him was nothing short of amazing. Eric was the true example of a perfect teammate,” the post read.

That Instagram post was also flooded with comments from those who loved him, calling Eric “the most hyped man” and “an amazing human being.”

According to Eric’s Instagram, he graduated in 2017 from the school with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Eric was a registered nurse who graduated from the University of Louisville with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2017.

In one photo, he shared a headshot taken just before graduation and wrote: ‘Eric Ortiz, RN, BSN. It’s official.’

“Many trials and tribulations along the way have made me a stronger person ready to take on the world. I love and appreciate you all,” he captioned another image.

It is not clear if Eric was working as a nurse or in a hospital at the time of his death.

Who is Eric Ortiz?

Eric Ortiz Aparicio (born May 19, 1977 in Mexico City) is a Mexican professional boxer who competes in the light flyweight division (108 pounds). Read also : Scale your business by being a strong team leader (not just a cheerleader).

What happened to the joy of Eric Ortiz? The cheerleading community is mourning the death of 30-year-old Eric Ortiz, who has been referred to as a “legend” in his sport. An obituary says that Ortiz, who recently lived in the New York City Bronx, died on Saturday, October 22.

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