Los Angeles Rams fifth annual “Salute to Service Week” to feature various military appreciation efforts

As part of the Los Angeles Rams’ year-round military appreciation efforts, Salute to Service Week will return for the fifth consecutive year with activities culminating with the team’s Salute to Service match against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 13 at 1am: 25 p.m. PT.

Throughout the week (November 7-12), the Rams will partner with veteran service organizations and nonprofits to support the military community and honor, empower and connect with service members, veterans and their families. Since 2011, the NFL’s Health to Service efforts have raised more than $ 58 million for the league’s nonprofit military partners.

Below is a list of events taking place during Rams Health to Service Week:

Monday, November 7 – Veterans Beautification Project and Lunch at US VETS – Inglewood

The Rams and Rocket Mortgage will team up to renovate the group room at US VETS-Inglewood. The Rams Rampage mascot, Rams cheerleaders and front office staff will join Rocket Mortgage volunteers and US VETS staff to redecorate, upgrade and redecorate the group room. The Rams and Rocket Mortgage will provide new flooring, lighting and furniture for the space. After the landscaping project, the Rams will provide lunch at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit for veterans, their families and community supporters. The revamped group room will be inaugurated with a “Camouflage Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” at 10:45 am PT. Additionally, veterans in attendance will have the opportunity to receive tickets to the Health to Service game on Sunday, courtesy of Rocket Mortgage.

Last season during Health to Service Week, Rams and Rocket Mortgage renovated the dining room of the US VETS-Inglewood. Rams Legends, the Rampage mascot, Rams Cheerleaders, and front office staff have joined US VETS volunteers and staff to upgrade the dining room. Following the landscaping project, the Rams offered lunch to veterans, their families and community supporters. This is the third consecutive year that Rams and Rocket Mortgage have collaborated to support US VETS-Inglewood.

US VETS – Inglewood is the inaugural site of US VETS and aims to support the successful transitions of military veterans and their families through the provision of housing, counseling and career development.

Tuesday, November 8 – Rams Rookies Assistance Package Delivery at US Coast Guard Base in Los Angeles / Long Beach

In collaboration with Bob Hope USO, Rams offensive tackle AJ Arcuri, cornerback Derion Kendrick and tight end Roger Carter Jr. will join Rams cheerleaders and mascot Rampage to deliver Operation Gratitude assistance packages to more than 150 U.S. Coast Guards at Los Angeles / Long Beach base. Operation Gratitude Care packs contain handwritten gratitude letters, snacks, hygiene products, and handmade items.

During the delivery, the Rams will tour the base and have lunch with the Coast Guard in the kitchen. Each member of the service will participate in a raffle to receive two tickets for the Rams Salute to Service game on Sunday 13 November. The Rams will draw three winners. In addition, coast guards will have the opportunity to take photos with Rams players, Rams Cheerleaders and the Rampage mascot.

USO, a private nonprofit organization, empowers members of the American military by keeping them connected to family, home, and country during their service to the nation. In hundreds of locations around the world, we are united in our commitment to connect our service members and their families through countless acts of care, comfort and support. Locally, Bob Hope USO offers USO programs, services and outreach across 51,000 square miles comprised of eight counties in Southern and Central California. USO is a family of volunteers, supported by the charitable contributions of millions of generous Americans, united as Force Behind the ForcesĀ®.

The US Coast Guard Base in Los Angeles / Long Beach offers a wide variety of services to directly support Coast Guard activities in Southern California. These include local and territorial housing, warehousing, health care, working life, transportation of household goods and staff support services.

Thursday 10 November – Welcome home kit package at 11010 smB Senior & amp; Veteran housing development

As part of the Health to Service Week team efforts, RamsCheerleaders and the Rampage mascot will pack welcome kits for 50 homeless living veterans who will soon move to 11010smB, Weingart Center’s newest permanent support housing complex for the elderly and veterans. suffering from homelessness. Each welcome kit will include pillows, courtesy of Sleep Number, as well as household items and cleaning products provided by the Rams.

The Weingart Center is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit agency that provides homeless people with the basic tools they need to stabilize their lives, secure an income, and find permanent housing. Their mission is to empower and transform lives by offering innovative solutions to break the homeless cycle. As one of the best comprehensive human services organizations in the Western United States, the Weingart Center is committed to creating a world where all people have and maintain high quality productive lives.

Saturday November 12 – TAPS Families of Fallen Service Members will participate in the Rams walkthrough

TAPS families of fallen service members, LCpl Matthew Ehrlich and SPC Luis E. Llamas, Jr., will participate in the team walkthrough on Saturday, November 12. On Sunday, the Rams will recognize the two families of fallen service members as the “Heroes I Awarded Among Us during the first quarter.”

TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors) is a national non-profit organization that provides compassionate assistance and comprehensive resources to anyone suffering from the death of a military or veteran loved one. Since 1994, TAPS has provided 24/7 comfort and hope through a nationwide peer support network and connection to bereavement resources, all at no cost to surviving families and loved ones. In 2021, TAPS connected with 9,246 loved ones newly grieving, adding to the nearly 100,000 military survivors currently receiving support from TAPS. TAPS provides a variety of programs, amenities and resources for the families of the fallen.

Sunday November 13 – Rams honoring military members during the Salute to Service game

As part of the Salute to Service game, the Rams will celebrate current and former military members in various ways:

The United States Army and United States Air Force salute with their heads covered and uncovered, but it is forbidden to greet inside except when formally referring to a senior officer or during an indoor ceremony.

What is the circle on NFL sweatshirt?

The Health to Service Award presented by the USAA recognizes the outstanding efforts of NFL community members to honor and support United States service members, veterans and their families. On the same subject : How a diagnosis of dyslexia changed my mother’s perspective.

Why do NFL coaches wear camouflage hoodies? This year, the “Salute to Service” campaign began in week 9 of the 2021-2022 NFL season and several coaches were spotted in camouflage clothing to honor the campaign.

What is the white circle on the NFL hoodie? It recognizes former players, coaches and individuals who have played a significant role in the history of the franchise. The Ring of Honor is displayed on the east facade inside Paycor Stadium and on the team’s digital channels.

How much money does the NFL donate to veterans? Since 2011, the NFL has donated more than $ 9 million to help injured veterans and their families tackle their next mission in life.

Why is the NFL wearing tie dye?

Since 2009, the NFL and the American Cancer Society (ACS) have collectively battled cancer. They raised more than $ 24 million to save lives nationwide. To see also : Did Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Get New Maid Uniforms?. Tie-dye patterns were introduced to promote the Crucial Catch Program initiated by the ACS.

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How many years do you have to play to be a veteran in the NFL?

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How long do you have to play in the NFL to be a vet? How long do you have to play in the NFL to get a pension? NFL players must play for three seasons before they are eligible for a pension. At that time it will be considered invested. It means you are eligible to receive the benefits negotiated under the CBA.

What is a veteran football player? Veteran football offers the opportunity to stay involved in the game beyond your 20s. The minimum age may vary from league to league, but in general most competitions start at 35.

How much does a veteran NFL player make? A player with a veteran minimum earned $ 1.12 million in the 2021 season. This is proportional to $ 65,882 per week. Players with less than seven years of service can earn up to $ 705,000 per year or $ 41,470 per week.

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