Meet Northern State International Football Players and Cheerleaders

Not surprisingly, Northern State University’s roster of players includes players from all over the United States, but few university teams also have players hailed from England and New Zealand.

Two members of this year’s cheerleading squad also traveled quite a distance to reach the Aberdeen campus. These women, both participating in the annual exchange program, come from Spain and Germany.

Transfer portal opens options for international football players

Emeka Jillani Ogakwu of London and Ty Vaimoana of Hamilton, New Zealand made their way to Northern via a transfer portal after performing at other schools. On the same subject : I tried on my old fan uniforms a decade later – the top was a nightmare to take off and the shorts were….

Restrictions on college athletes have been relaxed in recent years, making it easier for them to transfer.

Ogakwu previously played at Ball State University in Indiana. Vaimaon began his college career in southern Utah.

Ogakwu remembered his first introduction to American football after moving to high school in Indiana. He wanted to join the rugby team but the soccer coach encouraged him to play by saying both sports are similar.

That said, he soon found out that this was not so. The equipment is different and there are no sets to remember in rugby, Ogakwu said.

“The only thing similar is fighting,” he said.

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Ogakwu describes rugby as a combination of two sports more familiar to Americans.

“Rugby is if football meets American football,” he said.

Ogakwu, who wore a red jersey in one year and missed another season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is a 6 foot and 2 foot defensive junior who has another qualifying season. That said, the attitude towards athletes in Northern is much different than elsewhere as it intentionally focuses on their mental health and making sure they can resolve any personal issues they may be facing before they head out onto the pitch.

In other words, Ogakwu said he doesn’t have to play football for the Wolves. Gets.

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Small campus was a draw, but Northern State locker room was difference-maker

The smaller campus was a draw for Ogakwu, but the North State soccer locker room was the bigger selling point. To see also : Melissa Rycroft-Strickland talks about season 16 of ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team’.

Built as part of the Dacotoah Bank Stadium, which opened last fall, it is spacious and packed with the latest gadgets and technology.

Ogakwu was also impressed by fans from the North.

“And the number of people who come to the games,” he said. “It is full.”

Ogakwu studies psychology. Plans to get a master’s degree after completing an undergraduate degree.

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After not spending much time in the field, Vaimaona refused to be interviewed. He is listed as a 6 foot 1 cm senior line defender.

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Exchange students decide to try something new in cheerleading

Lucia Serracalvo of Barcelona, ​​Spain and Emilia Bauer of Dortmund, Germany said cheerleading wasn’t something they were familiar with when they arrived on campus in August. Read also : The Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders welcome youth to join their Junior Cheer Program.

They both came to the North on an annual exchange program from their universities, which they describe as very different from the North. While the Aberdeen campus is a collection of buildings and dormitories with tons of student activities, campuses in Europe are limited to where classes are offered. Students travel to campus and social gatherings are held outside the school. They said that sport is a separate club activity.

Bauer said cheerleading was something she wanted to try and convinced Serracalvo to join.

“It was a typical American experience for me,” said Bauer.

Both admitted that there was a learning curve when it comes to understanding what is happening on the soccer field. They are more used to football, which is what Americans generally call soccer.

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Serracalvo also knows handball. She said it’s a sport that resembles basketball but uses a soccer net and a ball with a texture similar to a soccer ball but smaller.

Many of the changes they notice at home have to do with their life on campus. It is natural for them to walk from one end of campus to the other. But they quickly noticed the strange looks when they decided to walk as many students jump into their vehicles and drive.

On campus it was easy to adapt as people are ready to engage in conversation, they said.

Bauer, who attends school in Aachen, Germany, is studying business and is planning to complete his studies in business law. Serracalvo studies communication, in particular public relations and marketing in Barcelona.

The Northern football team (6-2) are playing Bemidji State (7-2) this weekend and need a victory to stay on the hunt for the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference North Division title and the NCAA Division II play-offs.

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