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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it…

The good news is… the only team that can beat the Jaguars is the Jaguars. The bad news is … we have to play it every week. A sad loss, A place, a sad loss.

I understand the frustration and anger after the game; that has been the topic of post game more often than not during my time here. And Sunday’s mailbox had a second part following the Jaguars’ 29-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa. beat themselves up. Yes, they did in their two losses – to Washington in Week 1 and to Philadelphia on Sunday. But they were efficient and faultless in their one-sided win in Indianapolis against the Los Angeles Chargers, playing every game without a gain and without conceding even when it was close to a sack. I have said and written many times that I expect this team to be up and down, with stops and starts. I believe so because they are a young team with a young quarterback. A team like that is often inconsistent from week to week. That’s disappointing and Sunday was really frustrating. But the Jaguars are on a four-game hitting streak through two weeks and have lost two more games with a chance to win or tie in the final two minutes. From this point of view – the long-term view – it is still encouraging.

How many turnovers would he have committed before you benched him?

I received a few emails along these lines Sunday, and I admit I was surprised. I never thought the Jaguars would get rid of quarterback Trevor Lawrence on Sunday. Not after his third trade. Or see. He added his fifth with less than two minutes left. If he had made five in the first quarter I would not have replaced him. Why? First, it’s your franchise quarterback. Second, it wasn’t as if he misread the defense, often missing passes or making poor decisions; he fumbled several times on a cold, wet day and fumbled in several different situations – outside the pocket, sneaking a short yardage and on a punt in the pocket. But the biggest reason I wouldn’t have replaced Lawrence Sunday was because it was the Jaguars’ best chance to win the entire game. Head Coach Doug Pederson would have replaced Lawrence after his fourth play, a sack/fumble in the fourth quarter that led to a touchdown that gave the Eagles a 29-14 lead. Lawrence immediately led the Jaguars on a six-play, 68-yard drive that he capped with a touchdown pass to wide receiver Jamal Agnew. Would the Jaguars then have been better without Lawrence in the game? Absolutely not. How many turnovers would he have to commit before I benched him? How many possessions can a team have in one game? What is the record? One more than that.

The water is scary! If Lawrence is going to be our quarterback long term, every play has to be in the zone from now on. Make it happen because no quarterback ever plays better in the rain…

Lawrence will be the Jaguars’ all-time starter. Not every Jaguars game will be on the web. I don’t expect Lawrence to keep playing badly in the rain. One game is not necessarily normal.

It’s less of a question than a statement. Sorry Trevor Lawrence is a box of chocolates. He lost a lot of this game alone. WOW!!

Lawrence is a second-year quarterback in his first year in a new offense. If by “box of chocolates” you mean you never know what you’re going to get…well, yes, that’s usually true for new kids. Hell, it’s sometimes true for adults. Here’s one thing to note: Five of Lawrence’s turnovers on Sunday were four fumbles and an interception. If Lawrence threw a bunch of interceptions early in the season and looked like he didn’t know where he was throwing, that would be cause for concern. That’s not what’s happening. He fumbled hard in the difficult wet conditions on Sunday. That’s not good. But that’s not a sign he’s not progressing as a quarterback.

Another Michael from Middleburg, FL

These are the Jags we all know and love.

The Jaguars committed five turnovers on Sunday and had a chance to take the lead late in the third quarter. They also had a chance to tie after the game. Sunday was not enough. Losing is not enough. But these are not the 2021 and 2020 Jaguars.

When Jaguar does a stadium renovation, it needs to include a roof. Jaguar obviously can’t play in the rain.

A lot of people who cover NFL segments after games called “Overreaction Sunday” or “Overreaction Monday” because why didn’t they do that?

The saying that the NFL is a “weekly league” fits the Jags’ performance Sunday. Running D was porous (to be nice) and Lawrence looked lost and unprepared. What do you say?

I know many fans will take Sunday’s game as an opportunity to say, “Same old Jags.” I didn’t like the fact that the Eagles seemed to run at will on defense and we just couldn’t seem to make a mistake at all. But the fact that despite all that and so many changes, the team had the ball with two minutes left and the chance to force extra time was a clear indication that the team better than it was, isn’t it?

Absolutely and without question.

What happened to James Robinson after the first quarter? That guy is a game changer and should be around as much as possible!!!!! BTW, pay that man fast because his stock will only go up!!! Thank you.

Jaguars running back James Robinson rushed for 29 yards on eight carries Sunday, including three yards on two carries in the second half. Head Coach Doug Pederson said after the game that the Jaguars’ five turnovers dictated Robinson’s career. The Jaguars ran 49 plays. Nineteen of them were rushes. Pederson: “We didn’t have enough attitude. You can’t turn the ball over like we did. You don’t get enough opportunities.”

The Jags played poorly and finally had a chance. This means something, right?

Zone, man what happened. The Jags went from owning the first quarter to ruining the rest of the game. Don’t get me wrong I still think they are a good team. I just thought this game would be close and it was very close.

Changes have happened. The Jaguars made five changes on Sunday. They had a chance to take the lead less than five minutes into the third quarter before Lawrence threw a red flag. They also had the ball with a chance to tie with just under two minutes left. Yes, the Eagles dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage on Sunday. Well, the Jaguars didn’t handle the situation as well as they could have. But this game was not a game.

It will be difficult to reverse the positive change Stat we had. Or,​​​​like any other fun situation we’ve had. This game was a huge distraction.

Sunday was a loss. They happen in the NFL to a young team that is learning its way.

Jeremy left Jacksonville by way of Miami

Other quarterbacks would be benched after that performance. Sad. Your franchise quarterback won’t cost you the game!

I would expect that most NFL quarterbacks will not be benched after Lawrence’s performance. Lawrence had a bad day. He still gives this team a good chance to win.

Not caring about football.

The Jags fought back but never looked like they had the offense to win. I’m sure many people will ask, but how much of a loss is Trevor?

Many. The Jaguars defense didn’t stop the run nearly as well on Sunday. This is something that needs to be addressed because the run-pass option with runs up the middle was something they couldn’t solve. But Lawrence’s third-quarter dunk in the red zone cost the Jaguars seven points and lost fumbles led to 20 points. Sunday didn’t mean Lawrence was going backwards or forwards. This means that inflation is costing Jaguar a lot.

The sun did not rise. It was too wet to play. So we stayed in the house. All day it’s cold, cold, and wet.

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