Rams host NFL PLAY 60 Field Day for Oak Hills Elementary School students

The Rams hosted their first NFL PLAY 60 Field Day of the season at Oak Hills Elementary School for 450 developmental – 5th graders. The mission of PLAY 60 is to empower youth to become the most physically fit and healthy person. TALO 60 Field Days aims to make a positive impact on young people by teaching football skills, emphasizing physical activity and reinforcing the importance of character.

The field day began with a People’s Talk with Mo Streety, Rams Youth Football Coordinator, about perseverance, vision, fitness, football standards and developing leadership skills.

“Our goal with PLAY 60 days is to use football to inspire children in the spirit to play for 60 minutes a day,” said Mo Streety, Rams Youth Football Coordinator. “We want the children to stay active and tell them the importance of physical activity. We also want to motivate them by playing soccer. This will help them with cardio, mental and physical health.”

During field day, students participated in football-related activities, tag races, and a dance floor with the Rams Cheerleaders and Rampage. Students also received Rams PLAY 60 t-shirts and Super Bowl Champion hats.

“It’s rewarding to see the kids really like us, the Super Bowl Champion team, at their school,” said Yan, a Rams Cheerleader. “I’m happy to be a part of this event and help promote exercise and encourage them to become soccer players or entertainers.”

Not only did the students enjoy the PLAY 60 Field Day, but the principal and teachers also appreciated the program.

“Our students and staff had a great time participating in the Rams PLAY 60 days. Having about 500 students participate in a variety of activities throughout the day may seem It was a tough job, but the whole thing went without a hitch,” said Erick Warren, Principal of Oak Hills Elementary. “The teachers were impressed with their good message about hard work and discipline and the students enjoyed interacting with them. It was great to see everyone in their caps and shirts participating in the PLAY 60 activities. He ran, jumped, threw, and never stopped catching the whole time. The Rams staff had a positive energy that was contagious.”

NFL PLAY 60 is the national league’s initiative for health and wellness to encourage children to be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day. Since the launch of PLAY 60 in 2007, the league has given more than $352 million to youth health and fitness through PLAY 60 programs, grants , and launch promotions. The NFL provides more than 38 million kids with the resources they need to improve their performance by supporting programs in over 73,000 schools and creating more than 265 youth power zones in the country.

For more information about the Rams’ efforts, please visit www.therams.com/community.

In 1987, he signed an NFL contract – $ 1.4 million a year, with a $ 341,000 signing bonus, when the Rams bought the Colts. But that Dickerson record proved less durable: The current NFL payroll is more than $2 million, with more than a dozen players earning in north of $20 million in 2017.

What is Rams net worth?

MeaningFranchise value is in million US dollars

How much does the Rams make a year? In 2021, the income of Los Angeles Rams is 628 million US dollars. The Rams franchise moved from St. To see also : Football Cheerleading Operation This Week 2: Northridge Polar Bear. Louis in Los Angeles before the 2016 season.

Who paid the Rams’ claim? The Rams’ trip from St. Louis in Los Angeles wasn’t cheap, but owner Stan Kroenke agreed to pay all legal costs for the relocation. By the time the Rams and the NFL reached an agreement with the city of St. Louis, the cost of the lawsuit has reached $790 million.

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What is the official pizza of the NFL?

Little Caesars in June took over from Pizza Hut and became the official pizza sponsor of the NFL. To see also : In 2022… Do Cheerleader Pictures Inspire Or Insult?. With only 10 days until the start of the season, the pizza chain – which declares itself the third largest in the world – has defined the first elements of the multi-year partnership.

What pizza does the NFL sponsor? Prior to Pizza Hut, Papa John’s was the league’s sponsor for eight years, but that agreement ended shortly after CEO John Schnatter tied the protest of the NFL players against the decrease in sales of the company. That said, there’s a lot to be had here while Little Caesars is in charge.

Why isn’t Pizza Hut the official pizza of the NFL? The change comes after John Schnatter, the company’s founder and former CEO, sparked controversy when he said his company’s sales were hurt by the NFL’s handling of the protest. the football players for social justice. Pizza Hut dominated at the time, only to be picked up by Little Caesars this year.

Did Little Caesars replace Pizza Hut for NFL?

DETROIT รข Little Caesars is now the official pizza of the NFL, the league announced Tuesday. The Detroit-based company founded by Mike and Marian Ilitch in 1959 is the third largest pizza chain in the world. To see also : Roster Moves: Jaguar released four, ruled out six ahead of the 53-person roster deadline of August 30, 2022. Little Caesars will replace Pizza Hut as the league’s top sponsor.

Does Pizza Hut still support the NFL? But apparently in the NFL, that’s no longer true. On Tuesday, Little Caesars announced that it has reached an agreement with the NFL to become the official pizza sponsor of the league. The move makes Pizza Hut the official pizza partner of the NFL, which has been the case since 2018.

How did Little Caesars become the official pizza of the NFL? The company in June became the league’s official pizza sponsor. The pizza chain partnered with Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, appearing in a television series created in partnership with creative agency McKinney. Little Caesars will also be making a Pizza! Pizza!

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