Who is Justine Lindsay? Meet the NFL’s first transgender cheerleader

A few months ago, Justine Lindsay stole the show as the NFL’s first transgender cheerleader. In March, Lindsay took to Instagram to post about her work with the Carolina Panthers.

However, the news gained traction months later in June, weeks before the start of the season. Many fans lent their support, sharing encouraging words with Lindsay in much the same way.

According to the Carolina Panthers TopCats manager, Lindsay was hired solely for her talent and for no other reason. The cheerleader was immensely grateful for the opportunity, aware of the magnitude of it:

She thanked her trainer, calling it a moment she will never forget.

People are ready to support Justine Lindsay

While Justine Lindsay was grateful for the opportunity, she also made it a point to address her haters. See the article : Beckville High School Announces Homecoming Court | News | panolawatchman.com.

The love, however, has been overwhelming. Her Instagram is filled with encouraging messages. People have always supported Justine Lindsay, despite some haters thinking her association with the team is negative.

Many congratulated her, proud of the team for taking such a big step.

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How did Lindsay become a cheerleader?

Justine Lindsay, who transitioned at 17, has been dancing since she was five or six. See the article : Watch the Tennessee Vols cheerleader try to retrieve a letter left on the court during a game. In an interview with QCity Metro, Lindsay revealed that all she wanted to do was dance, always receiving support from her parents.

The Panthers audition, however, was mostly coincidental. While she was afraid of the audition, her mother encouraged her:

A few months later, Justine Lindsay was part of the team.

They had to submit audition videos, with 600 people applying. Apparently only 180 reached the semi-finals and 80 of them reached the final.

She was also at Johnson C. Smith as an undergraduate student and on the JCSU Cheer Team. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from North Carolina State University and earned an associate’s degree from the Art Institute of Charlotte.

Lindsay also went to the North Carolina Dance Theater, where she learned ballet, modern jazz, and contemporary jazz. She even studied with Debbie Allen in California, learning hip-hop, flamenco, salsa and African dance.

Besides the Panthers, the Los Angeles Rams hired openly gay cheerleaders in 2018. This year, there were five gay cheerleaders in the Super Bowl.

Over the years, NFL teams seem to be opening up to the LGBTQ+ community.

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