Division Avenue Cheerleaders Win State Competition

LEVITTOWN, NY — On October 29, the Division Avenue High School Varsity Cheerleading team was crowned champions at the New York State Game Day East Invitational in Arlington, New York.

The team, coached by Cristen Ronzo and Liz Lynch, were named the 2022 NYSPHSAA Class C Champions. They are led by seniors Liz Catania, Danielle Kennedy (Captain), Sydney Martins (Captain), Sofia Rella (Captain), Ava Soto (Captain), Kyra Bollinger and Courtney Moore.

The rules of replying:

Teams that finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective division will also receive a team banner and each participant of those teams will receive individual mini banners in recognition of their achievement. To see also : Community rally behind teen in ICU after training accident cheering. All division champions will receive exclusive Summit Champion Rings!

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What will the Earth be like in 2100?

🌡🗓 Heat waves will be 39 times more common than in the 19th century. On average, the world temperature will be above 40°C for about 7 days a year. To see also : Where are they now? TE Matt Schobel. 🌪 Extreme weather events such as cyclones, hurricanes and droughts would no longer be considered “extreme” because they would be so common.

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How many teams make it to Finals at D2 summit?

In 31 – 50 team Wild Card divisions, the 1st and 2nd place WILD CARD teams go straight to the FINAL on Sunday, while 3rd & 4th place WILD CARD teams advance to Saturday – SEMI-FINAL.

How many athletes compete at the D2 summit? The D2 Summit is held for programs with 125 athletes or fewer. Teams compete throughout the season for a wildcard, at-large, partially paid or paid bid at The D2 Summit. Click here to see the bid winners of the D2 Summit 2022.

How much progress is there on the D2 summit? All divisions with 10 or fewer teams in the semifinals will have 5 teams advancing to the final. All divisions with 11-19 teams in the semi-finals have 50% of the division through to the final. All divisions with 20 or more teams in the semifinals will have 10 teams in the division advancing to the final.

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