Elkhart High School cheerleaders injured after bus overturns, lands in ditch

The Elkhart Independent School District said the cheerleaders were heading to a game in Clifton when the bus flipped in a single vehicle accident and landed in a ditch off a highway outside Elkhart.

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Originally Published: 29 OCT 22 2:52 PM ET

By Rebekah Riess and Emma Tucker, CNN

(CNN) — The crash of the overturned bus carrying a high school cheerleading team injured students, sponsors and the bus driver on Friday, according to the school district.

The Elkhart Independent School District said cheerleaders were heading to a game in Clifton when the bus overturned in a vehicular accident and landed in a ditch off the highway outside Elkhart. Those injured were transported to a local hospital on Friday afternoon.

The accident occurred on Highway 294 near the Lake View Methodist Conference Center outside the city.

No fatalities were reported as a result of the crash, the district said, adding that it will continue to provide updates as they are “available.”

“Although we do not have any reports of accidents yet, it is believed that road weather conditions may be a factor. Parents have been notified and some have arrived on the scene to pick up their students,” the district said.


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What are the 3 steps to prevent an accident?

Accidents involving buses and pedestrians are especially dangerous because pedestrians have no chance against the great forces that come into play, in the event of a collision with the bus. To see also : Camps: Day 2. This is why it is a sad fact that bus accidents are almost always worse than car accidents.

Check the vehicle before and after use. DRIVE SAFELY. Continue to develop safety standards. Rest and move regularly throughout the day.

What are the four ways to prevent accidents? The 4 principles that must be followed to prevent accidents are Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency response. Engineering here means knowledge of road design, lane markings, trails and more.

What is the first step for accident prevention? Be aware of the surrounding environment. Look around and identify hazards in the workplace that could cause a hazard. Find ways to reduce or eliminate hazards, and implement them. Report unsafe areas or practices.

  • What are five ways to prevent accidents? In this article, we’ve shared five tips that can help avoid car accidents.
  • Stay Alert While Driving.
  • Never Exceed The Speed ​​Limit.
  • Choose Safe Car.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive.

What is the key to accident prevention?

Ignore Crazy Driver.

Make sure you, personally, take the necessary steps to prevent accidents. That means wearing the right PPE and taking the same precautions as your workers. Read also : 11 compete for the crown of Queen of the Autumn Leaf Festival. Be aware of potential hazards and show them to your workers.

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Why is it safer to sit inside bus?

What are the 3 types of accident prevention? There are three aspects of preventing work accidents. Creation of a safe workplace. Development and operation of safe work practices. Ensure the personal safety of all employees.

Solution : The metal body of the bus provides electrostatic protection because the electric field inside the bus is zero. <br> During lightning, electric charge flows through the bus body to the ground without affecting the people on the bus.

Why is it safer to sit on a bus during lightning than in the open air or under a tree? A car or bus is safe in the event of lightning because the lightning will travel around the surface of the vehicle and then head to the ground. The metal frame of the car, being a good conductor, will direct the current around the object and release it safely to the ground while protecting the objects in the car.

What is the safest way to sit on a school bus? The safest seats on school buses are generally in the middle, in the aisle seats on the right, between the tires. It is safer in the event of a collision from the front, side, and rear. It is also less bumpy and jarring on the body.

What is the safest way to sit on a bus?

Why is it safe to be on the bus? Because the car or bus is isolated from the earth.

To find the safest seat on the bus, go to the center. Choose a row that is as centrally located as possible and sit in the aisle, choosing the side of the bus furthest from opposite traffic. In America, this means sitting in the aisle seat on the right side of the bus.

Why is the seat behind the driver the safest? The safest place for your car seat is the rear center seat due to its maximum distance from the passenger side air bag and the potential for any impact.

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