Security guard interrupts cheerleading performance. The clip shows what happens next

There are certain videos on the Internet that are both entertaining and amazing to watch. Those are the videos that often leave people with a big smile on their face. Just like this clip uploaded on Instagram showing a security guard joining the performance of a group of cheerleaders.

The video was posted on the Instagram page by digital content creator Beach Galloway. “When the security man doesn’t get out of the way,” reads the caption posted along with the video.

The video opens to show a security guard standing in front of a group of cheerleaders. Eventually, he collides with one of them. The artist leaves the group in anger and what happens next makes it clear that it is all a performance. The security guard continues to take her place and join the others in their routine. The video ends with the cheerleaders clapping for him and the crowd cheering.

Take a look at the video:

The video was shared five days ago. Since it was posted, the clip has accumulated more than 2. To see also : The craziest moment a guard turned cheerleader during a Tennessee college game.4 lakh views. The share also received close to 11,000 likes. People posted various comments while reacting to the video.

“This is gold. Pure 24k gold,” an Instagram user posted. “I’ve seen this 10 times and I can’t get enough!,” expressed another. “Legendary,” commented a third. “Grateful for that. Wowowowow,” shared the fourth. “This is so good,” wrote five.

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What is d1 and d2 in cheerleading?

• A program with 125 or fewer competitive athletes qualifies as Division II. Read also : Grading USC after imperfect win at Stanford. • A program with 126 or more competitive cheer athletes qualifies as Division I. •

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What is the verb for cheer?

verb happiness; happiness; cheers. Definition of cheer (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. This may interest you : Jaguars Devin Lloyd: NFL Rookie of the Month. 1 : to say a shout of applause or of triumph What is there to celebrate?

What is the adverb cheer? Joyfully comes from cheer, which is defined as “optimism or joy,” but originally meant “face,” specifically the way the face expresses emotion. Definitions of cheerfully. an adverb in a cheerful way. âhe happily agreed to do soâ

Is cheering a main verb? In the above sentence, the main verb is ”cheering” and the helping verb is ”were”. Helping verbs: Helping verbs are the verbs that help the main verb to describe the action.

What is the noun of cheer?

happiness noun noun /t惻r/ 1[countable] shouts of joy, support, or praise Mix great joy from the crowd.

Is cheerleading a noun or a verb? CHEERLEADING (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

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