Leaving a legacy: Stuarts Draft cheerleaders win fifth state title in six years

RICHMOND – After the first performance of their routine Saturday afternoon, the Stuarts Draft Cougars knew they could do better if given another chance.

They got that chance in the finals at the end of the night, and they knew they had it before they even left the mat. They were right, as the Stuarts Draft won the Class 1-2 cheerleading championship for the fifth time in six years at the Siegel Center in Richmond.

Immediately after the performance, there was a flurry of emotion as veteran Zane Marshall burst into tears and coach Tammy Carter went to the mat to hug one of her athletes kneeling on the mat.

“Once we knew we left everything on the mat, that was the last time any of us would be together. The last time I did this routine, I was full of emotions everywhere,” Marshall said.

That first stint for the Cougars was part of a few bumps in the road, including second place behind Fort Defiance in this year’s districts. Marshall and Carter knew the team could do better.

“We went up 30 and a half points from the first to the second round,” Carter said, continuing to say, “So just to get out of here, um, with another championship, but with that kind of performance, I couldn’t be more proud.”

Carter acknowledged that this season was one the Draft had to work towards, and after the first round, she emphasized for her team to be “the athletes they trained to be.” Along with cleaning up his stunts and cheerleading segments, Carter also emphasized bringing more overall energy into the second round, helping to lead to that massive jump in points and the championship.

“Regardless of how we ended up, we were very proud of this routine because we finally got together as a team and family, and we got it right,” Carter said.

For six veterans of the Stuarts Draft team, their last memory of cheering together will be lifting the state championship trophy. This class of seniors has won three state titles together, a big part of the school’s unbelievable run over the past six years.

“It’s insane. I mean, we worked really hard, just getting two was crazy, getting one was crazy. To have three, I don’t even know how to feel. It’s crazy,” Marshall said.

For Carter, the departing veterans were a big part of the team, both in their leadership and their performance, and were a big part of establishing the Draft program into what it is today.

“They’re definitely going to be hard to replace, but they’ve definitely left a lasting legacy,” Carter said.

For Marshall, he hopes to see the remaining team members continue to push the show forward and maintain the legacy even after they’ve gone.

“It’s going to be a rebuilding year, but I really hope they keep fighting for another state title next year, and everyone after that keeps pushing for the Draft to stay on top,” Marshall said.

But even potentially heading into a rebuild, it’s hard to mistake just how much of a powerhouse the Stuarts Draft has become in the last six years.

“This program has grown and I am very proud of all the athletes who have made it through the Draft. We’ve been so blessed to have such talented athletes, great coaches, a wonderful school to support us and, you know, to come home with number five, it’s just unbelievable,” Carter said.

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Wilson Memorial finishes 4th in Class 3

While Wilson Memorial fell just short of the state championship in class three, they left Richmond with a sense of pride where they came from. To see also : The crazy moment a security guard turned cheerleader during a Tennessee college game.

“We are absolutely proud. They haven’t been to the states since [Renae Bailey] was the coach in 2014 so we’re extremely proud of them and they left everything on the mat,” coach Tara Wagoner said.

The message from Wagoner and his team to the team before his presentation was to “work on the little things”.

The squad delivered, putting together a first-round performance that pushed Wilson into the final round of the competition, although he ended up finishing fourth.

“They pulled us out of the water by the way they showed up on that rug,” Bailey said.

While you’d expect a bit of trouble falling short of the states, Bailey was quick to say there was “zero disappointment” for the squad.

“Zero disappointment is where that comes from, I’m very proud of them and already looking forward to next year,” Bailey said.

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Fort Defiance eliminated in the first round in Class 3 state championships

Fort Defiance fell short in their first round thanks in part to a problem during a cheerleading play, but head coach Melissa Hill couldn’t have asked for anything better from her team. This may interest you : O-Zone: No laughing matter.

“I feel like they executed everything we asked for,” Hill said, adding, “Overall, I think we’re very pleased with what they’ve put on the mat today, and they’ve had a wildly successful season. ”

That season included taking down area powerhouse Stuarts Draft to win the Shenandoah District, a feat that was not lost on Hill.

“It’s been a long time since Fort Defiance won a district title,” Hill said.

She was extremely proud of her team, not just for their performance on Saturday, but for the continued effort they showed even in the offseason.

“They worked really hard in the offseason to prepare for these moments here,” Hill said, continuing to say, “They kept pushing and wanting to improve their skills. They never settled where they started, they always wanted to increase the skill level they had.”

That effort is what Hill wants her team to take away from their experience in the states, and she wants the team to remember how much they’ve grown over the last season.

“When we meet, we’ll tell them, ‘This is where you were, this is where you got to.

In an increasingly competitive Shenandoah district, Fort Defiance claimed this year to be one of the top programs in the area.

“We are very excited about the future of Fort Defiance fans,” Hill said.

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What is the weight limit for being a cheerleading flyer? A flyer needs to be agile and have a much lighter weight than the base. The base must be able to launch the flyer into the air, sustain the acrobatics in the air, and then catch the flyer on the way back to the ground. Thus, the weight of a flyer can range from 85 lbs to 115 lbs.

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Does weight matter in cheer?

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