NFL Power Rankings: Lots of cheering for the Patriots in Week 9

In the tradition of Bruschi and Slater, “How do we feel about a win over the Jets?” “Awww… Yes!”

The New England Patriots got back to .500 last Sunday against the New York Jets. That alone is worth celebrating. Without going into the depth of how Mac Jones and the offense barely did, the defense has holes to fill, key players need to heal and the coach needs to toughen up, don’t miss out on since that was a major division win. To the road. In New York. In one short week, the Pats managed to beat their overjoyed rivals and make the ghosts of Jets QB Zach Wilson. It wasn’t a bad day’s work and I’ll say it, the win was pretty good.

Note that New England is in eighth place in the AFC, just two games out of first place in both the conference and division. Just one game separates them from second place behind the top-ranked Bills. And strange as it may seem, the Patriots still control their playoff destiny. There are four big divisional games left, and if the Pats can win them, they’ll be in good shape. If they can’t, that’s a completely different trajectory.

The Patriots return to the scene of Monday Night Football crime this Sunday, taking on the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette Stadium. Sophomore quarterback Sam Ehlinger is the sixth starting quarterback for the Colts since Andrew Luck retired in 2019. “Eesh. Keep that in mind the next time you feel like complaining about your hometown team .I predict the Patriots and “Boogie Oogie” beat Indy and Ehlinger on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills (6-1) at New York Jets (5-3)

Miami Dolphins (5-3) at Chicago Bears (3-5)

New England Patriots (4-4) vs. Indianapolis Colts (3-4-1)

Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) vs. Tennessee Titans (5-2)

Baltimore Ravens (5-3) at New Orleans Saints (3-5)

Los Angeles Chargers (4-3) at Atlanta Falcons (4-4)

Cincinnati Bengals (4-4) vs. Carolina Panthers (2-6)

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (2-5)

Houston Texans (1-5-1) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (7-0)

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13th – Frank Schwab (Yahoo! Sports): The Patriots offense certainly isn’t fixed as they got a win over the Jets, especially after settling for five field goals. But it was a victory. Bill Belichick knows how to manage a game and get wins, especially when everyone is counting on him. [+6]

13th – Pete Prisco (CBS Sports): Looks like they’ve settled on Mac Jones as their starting quarterback. It should be, even if it wasn’t great in the win against the Jets. [+3]

13th – Nate Davis (USA Today): They’re getting some breaks (league-high 16 takeaways) and catching some timely ones, namely the Jets’ pick-six that flipped on the breakaway 22-17 of Sunday. New England is on track to have a better year than Tom Brady for the first time since he left in 2020. [+5]

13th – Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk): Every time it looks like they’re falling apart, they find a way to pull it off. [+6]

13th – Bryan Fischer (Athlon Sports): You just knew the Pats would have an answer after that no-show Monday night against the Bears. The offense still needs some work, but Bill Belichick will take the wins either way if they allow him to pass the great George Halas on the all-time list. [+5]

13th – Dan Hanzus ( With the benefit of hindsight, Sunday’s result makes a lot more sense. Bill Belichick and the Patriots had been embarrassed at home by the Bears on a prime-time stage — they couldn’t have asked for a better tonic than getting the Jets six days later. The Pats continued to pick their own personal Charlie Brown, harassing an overmatched Zach Wilson for three interceptions in a 22-17 victory at the Meadowlands. New England has beaten New York 13 straight times, tied for the longest active streak among division rivals. Questions will continue to linger at quarterback (Mac Jones remained uninspiring in the win), but the Pats can thank the Jets for once again providing a soft landing in turbulent times. [+4]

14 – Bo Wulf (The Athletic): Fact: If you combine the geographic divisions of each conference, the Easts dominate the field. They are the only two divisions with winning records in non-division games. Opinion: Just trade for Aaron Rodgers and be done with it. [+5]

14th – Ryan Dunleavy (NY Post). [+6]

15th – Austin Gayle (The Ringer): The Patriots got a much-needed win over the Jets on Sunday, but the offense is still limited by the poor play of quarterback Mac Jones. Only two starting quarterbacks average a negative EPA per attempt on throws to or beyond the first down in 2022: Jones and rookie Kenny Pickett. Jones also ranks 28th in dropback EPA (-0.28) on second, third and fourth downs with seven or more yards before the first down. The winning formula for New England right now is to force turnovers on defense and find success running the football with Rhamondre Stevenson and Damien Harris. That could be enough to clinch a postseason berth, but leave them as heavy underdogs against AFC powerhouses like the Bills and Chiefs. [+6]

15th – Karen Guregian (Boston Herald): Bill Belichick passed George Halas on the all-time hit list with his 325th win. Don Shula (347) is now in his sights. Let’s just say if the Hoodie had to play the Jets 22 more times to catch Shula, it would be easy. [+5]

15th – Peter King (ProFootballTalk): The quarterback is shockingly bad, and the Pats won on Sunday in part because of Zach Wilson’s awfulness. Also, two of the last six games are against Buffalo. But you never know with this franchise.

15th – Consensus (Bleacher Report): After getting outclassed at home by the Bears last week, the Patriots badly needed to get things back on track. Fortunately for the team, nothing gets the Patriots back on track like facing the New York Jets. New England defeated their AFC East rivals for the 13th straight time on Sunday. … It wasn’t a particularly stellar performance: Mac Jones didn’t top 200 passing yards, and New England’s ground game averaged just 3.7 yards per carry. But despite gaining nearly 100 yards, the Patriots made plays when they needed to and forced three turnovers.

The Patriots have a pair of winnable games next against the Colts and Jets; it’s possible for New England to enter Week 12 at 6-4. Then come two games that will determine whether the Pats have any chance of making a second straight trip to the postseason: at Minnesota and at home against the East-leading Bills. [+5]

16th – Matt Johnson (SportsNaut): After an ugly showing against Chicago, Bill Belichick got his team back on track against an opponent he likes to face more than a few. Heading into a winnable Week 9 matchup against the Colts, New England is in a prime position to turn a 1-3 record into a 5-4 mark before its bye week. [+3]

16 – Trevor Land (FlurrySports). [+1]

17th – Conor Orr (SI): At 4–4, the Patriots have a 33% chance to make the postseason, according to FiveThirtyEight. If Mac Jones settles in a bit and the New England offense goes from a negative net efficiency level to just league average, I wonder if Bill Belichick & co. could manufacture enough wins to tilt back into the playoffs. [+3]

17th – NFL Nation (ESPN): Reason for optimism: Rhamondre Stevenson. The second-year running back comes in as the rare type of every-down option: power on early downs and pass-catching ability on third down. Sunday’s win over the Jets was the latest example of how Stevenson is one of the best things the Patriots have, with 16 rushes for 71 yards and seven catches for 72 yards. – Mike Reiss. [+1]

17th – Personal (The Score): Bill Belichick got a slight respite from criticism for his handling of the Pats’ quarterback situation, as Mac Jones finished with a 79.9 passer rating in an outing where he was dragged to the ground by six sacks. The offense also needs to improve its efficiency in the red zone after scoring a TD on 11 of its 24 trips. [+7]

18 – Josh Schrock (NBC Sports): The Patriots still own the Jets. The sky is still blue. [+5]

18 – Vinnie Iyer (Sporting News): The Patriots cleaned up many of their defensive mistakes from the Bears’ game to attack Wilson. However, they still need a cleaner game from Mac Jones, playing outside the running game, to be a last-place .500 team in a tough division. [+2]

Level 4 – Dalton Miller (ProFootballNetwork): “Could be better” category. The Patriots beat the Jets for the 13th time in a row, and they did it in the ugliest way possible. Mac Jones looks more out of control than he did as a rookie, and if it weren’t for three interceptions by Zach Wilson, the Patriots might not have had enough offense to win this game. It sure helped that Mike LaFleur forgot he was allowed to run the football. The Jets took a 10-6 halftime lead and trailed by just nine points heading into the fourth quarter. However, New York ran the ball 41 times compared to just 15 hurries. [no]

Why did Moss leave Pats?

I wanted a long term contract which they were not willing to give. Moss admitted this publicly and asked for a private exit. To see also : 10-time national champion cheerleader, Eric Ortiz, dead at 30. Once it became clear they had a grumpy wide receiver on their hands: Moss is said to have had a "outburst" in the locker room during halftime of Monday’s game, the Patriots made their move.

When did Moss leave the Patriots? This week marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most memorable deals in Patriots history and the end of the short glut of offensive talent in the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era. On October 6, 2010, right after a 41-14 blowout of the Dolphins in Miami, New England traded Randy Moss to Minnesota.

Why did Randy Moss leave? The legendary former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver negotiated a new contract with ESPN, and according to the New York Post, the contents of the deal included his departure from Monday Night Football. Moss was ultimately the one to make the decision to discontinue the show on Monday nights.

Why did Patriots get rid of Moss?

While Belichick wasn’t open about the reasons for the trade, saying there was just “a combination of factors” that went into the decision, he ruled out discipline issues and contract issues as factors. This may interest you : Prosecutors are preparing a lawsuit alleging that a South Carolina cheerleading coach sexually abused children for years. Moss is in the final year of his contract and had expressed his displeasure with that status.

What did the Patriots give up for Randy Moss? But it was actually more than 14 years ago when the New England Patriots traded a fourth-round pick to the Raiders for Randy Moss, which paved the way for the greatest offensive campaign of all time, an MVP season for Tom Brady (who set a then-NFL mark with 50 touchdown passes) and a career record for Moss.

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Why did the NFL stop making Super Bowl logos? Impact of Abandoning Unique Super Bowl Logos Super Bowl logos used to be substantially different each year. But over the past 12 years, they’ve become boring and repetitive, drained of real creativity. There is no quantifiable way to know if this has affected the NFL financially.

Where should Super Bowl LV be?

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