There are rumors to take the managers, Jeff Bezos accused of inhumane working conditions, accusations of racism by the previous housekeeper.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is rumored to be taking over the Washington Commanders from current owner Dan Snyder. Fans of the franchise, which has been mired in controversy in recent years, are hopeful for a fresh start.

But before anything like that comes to fruition, Bezos will have to handle a lawsuit brought by his former housekeeper. According to Sky Sports, Mercedes Wedaa filed charges against Bezos and the companies that manage his properties on Tuesday in King County Superior Court, Seattle.

Wedaa, who worked as a housekeeper at the Bezos property in Seattle, says working conditions there were “unsafe and unhealthy.” She also claims to have been racially discriminated against by other staff members. The housekeeper mentioned that the staff regularly worked 10-14 hours a day and were not provided enough time to take breaks in between.

Wedaa also claimed that property managers were “respectful and polite” to Bezos’s white staff, while Hispanic housekeeping staff were mistreated. However, the $9 million housekeeper’s demand was flatly rejected by Bezos’ attorney, Harry Korrell. He claims that Wedaa was fired due to performance issues. He went on to add:

The Washington Commanders’ infamous past with owner Dan Snyder

There has probably never been an owner as universally loathed as Dan Snyder in the NFL. Commanders’ owner took over the franchise in 1999 for an estimated $800 million. Read also : Texas Tech Fan Hits Mascot Longhorns And Cheerleaders With Most Violent ‘Horns Down’ Ever. Now worth $5.6 billion, according to Forbes, Snyder is looking to cash in.

But as he potentially looks to abandon his two-decade project, he leaves a legacy riddled with controversy. Here are some of the biggest mistakes of his time so far as Supreme Commander:

An investigation by the Washington Post in 2020 found that toxic masculinity was rife in Snyder’s organization. 15 women accused team employees of sexual harassment.

While Snyder was not initially among those charged, a follow-up investigation saw 25 more women come forward. They accused management of sexual harassment. Snyder allegedly solicited obscene images of the private parts of cheerleaders on the team. Snyder was also accused of suggesting to a cheerleader that they should get intimate at a charity event in 2004. Snyder has denied both claims.

Suing a Lifetime 72-Year-Old Washington Fan

This is perhaps the incident that best describes Dan Snyder’s tenure as owner of the Commanders. In 2009, following the global economic crisis, a 72-year-old Redskins season ticket holder requested that his season ticket be forfeited.

Instead, Snyder sued the elderly woman for backing out of her ticket renewal agreement and even ended up winning a $66,000 settlement in court. Snyder, however, was dissuaded. However, the optics of it all really left a mark on Snyder’s image.

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