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GREENVILLE, NC – Fourth-year East Carolina head football coach Mike Houston addressed members of the media Monday morning before Friday’s American Athletic Conference contest in Cincinnati. The following are selected comments: Opening statement “It’s good to get back into it after the bye week. We had a good, focused day yesterday, meeting and practice. We’ll be back there this afternoon with fully padded practices in preparation for Friday night. Obviously a big challenge going into Cincinnati on Friday night. I thought the kids were very focused yesterday and they’re excited about the fourth quarter of our season and we talked about it in that sense. It’s an opportunity here in Cincinnati to go against one of the better teams in our league and one of the best teams in the country. They’re strong again this year, so it’s a great challenge for us that everyone’s really excited about. It should be a good Friday night.”& #xD; On Cincinnati still going strong despite losing nine players to the NFL “I think if you look at the team they had last year and we all know who got drafted and not only who got drafted but how well they’re doing. You’ve got several guys having outstanding rookie seasons in NFL. I think when you look at the team that we’re going to face, we’re facing a veteran football team. I think that just says that Coach Fickell has done a great job of building this program from a depth perspective. We’re going to face a lot of guys who have played a lot of football, guys who have been part of their tradition and culture. They understand what it means to play at a high level and win at a high level. I think that’s a sign of the tremendous job he’s done.”&# xD While ramping up practice after the bye week “Yesterday we were in helmets and I thought it was pretty tough for us yesterday. I think that’s the limit, it took us a while to recover. It’s been pretty tough for nine straight weeks during the regular season. So we needed a little time, but at the same time we are playing so well. I think we had enough free time last week and we had three really good practices. We had a good day yesterday. I think they need to take the next step with contact today as it’s going to be a very physical football game on Friday night. The big focus for us this week is that we have to play a certain way on Friday night, which is the way we played. I think today is an important day, tomorrow is an important day and then you kind of sharpen things and get your mindset ready for Friday.” Playing in a tough environment Friday night where Cincinnati has won 31 straight games& #xD; “I think that’s just another indication of the program they’ve had over the last five years. We all know that they have played at a very high level here in the American Conference for quite some time. I think the experience at BYU helps our players. I thought we didn’t flinch and it was a very hostile environment there. I’d say we’ll see something similar on Friday night. I think it’s something that’s good for our kids to have that kind of experience going into it. “ On the challenges Cincinnati presents “Well, I think it depends on what phase you’re looking at. I think they are a very complete football team. You look at them defensively and they rank at or near the top in sacks, tackles for loss and negative It’s a defense that really puts a lot of pressure on you and you’re going to find yourself in some situations that you’d like to avoid, but traditionally some can be put people in situations where they are behind chains. I think this is just an advantage of experienced players. I think you turn to the other side and when Desmond (Ridder) and company graduate, they really haven’t dropped out. I think Ben (Bryant), who is ent one year at Eastern Michigan after working in Cincinnati for a couple of years, has been very solid and is coming off a tremendous year. They have a roster of players, whether it’s Tyler (Scott) a li Tre (Tucker). Three different runners play. I think I did a good job in the run game. This is just a complete physical and talented football team. I think the challenge for us is to continue to play and execute at the high level we have been for the last month plus.” Looking back at my team’s previous aspirations “You kind of rate yourself that way , how you assess the opponent, from the point of view of looking at things in terms of formation and down and distance, to see what you are, what you are showing. I think both coordinators have done a good job throughout the season of trying to be aware of things, but we all have tendencies. If you are aware of them, you can avoid or interrupt them. It’s good to understand what they are so you can predict what kind of look you’re going to get.” On how an extra week of preparation helps win the battle for the rest “I think it’s a lot of basics and making decisions. We spent some time last week and really focused on that defensively, trying to get the ball out there and put an emphasis on that last week. Offensively, we really focused on the big fundamentals. That’s the big thing that I really had our trainers on Tuesday and Wednesday, is that I really pay close attention to the little things during practice. I think that’s where you can sometimes allow yourself to get a little sloppy if you’re not really on top of it. pillar, and just trying to do a good job of staying on top of those things without playing last week.” On the impact of the transfers this season and how they have integrated into the team’s culture& #xD; “I think the big thi ng is just trying to do your research and really get to know them to make sure they fit your culture and your wardrobe. I think all of our guys did a good job of that. It’s just talking to a lot of people we trust; coaching exp lic is such a network that you know so many people and we try to talk to someone who we think will give us an honest assessment. I’m still a big emotional person, so I meet someone in person and try to spend some time with them before we decide on one direction or another. If I’m comfortable with them, then they’ll probably do very well in our locker room. It’s a real credit to our players that we have on the roster right now that we’ve grown and their ability to accept people and bring them into our locker room and the new players that we’ve added this year. The way they came in and just tried to be part of the team and part of the locker room, not to come in to be something else. We try to be very transparent with our expectations in our operations. I think that’s a big deal. You want to make sure everyone understands what it’s all about before they come here.” On potential standouts in Thursday’s matchup “I thought that was really good. It’s lively as always. We have some young guys that are playing special teams a little bit. You’re really kind of uncertain about how much work they have, but it’s something I can say about a lot of different guys. I think Sam (Dankah) continues to develop. The biggest thing I told him was “anytime you’re anywhere near a gas station or a workout table, I said no ‘you don’t need one serving, you need three.’ He’s continued to put on weight but he’s got such a long frame but he’s just got to work on developing that but I think he’s doing well I think you’ve seen some young offensive kids and I’ve been happy with some of them boo It’s always good to get those guys some reps and let them go out there and have fun. The travel team guys getting them as cheerleaders, it was a good way to end the week.”

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