Ten things: Jaguars-Texans

JACKSONVILLE – If you feel different, this is a good reason.

Sunday is different from all Jaguar games in recent times. They are tied for AFC South and favored to win, statuses won in the first month of the 2022 season.

This is a clear shift from last seasons – and when Jaguars (2-2) host the Houston Texans (0-3-1) on TIAA Bank Field Sunday, they can achieve several important things:

“There is a chance to win 2-0 in the league, and that is big,” said Jaguar wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. this week. “It’s always a big pressure to let everyone know, to know who we are and who we can be. This is for us.

“We just have to play our brand of football as I think we will, and come out victorious.”

But while Jaguars have sometimes dominated this season, both history and this Sunday will not be easy.

The Jaguars last beat the Texans in 2017, in which the Jaguars won the AFC South title – and the Texans won both games convincingly last season. And despite being the only NFL team without a win this season, the Texans have either drawn or kept their lead in the fourth quarter in three out of four games – and had three points in the fourth quarter since losing to the Los Angeles Chargers in the past. Sunday.

“It’s a tough group,” said Jaguar head coach Doug Pederson of the Texans. – They have a backlog in matches, managed to return to the competition in the fourth quarter. I would say it’s a 60 minute soccer game.

Here are 10 things Jaguars need to do to beat Texans Sunday:

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How good is Jacksonville defense?

Jacksonville is 2-1 and while the offensive rebirth behind Doug Pederson and Trevor Lawrence is getting the most attention, my focus is on defense. In 3 matches, the Jaguars are: 3rd in the EPA / game allowed. This may interest you : Carolina Panthers: predictions and preview of the preseason 2022. 4th place in the overall defensive DVOA.

How’s the defense of Jacksonville going? The Jaguars took 23rd place in the NFL to defend the run in 2021, improving from 30th in 2020. Last season they allowed 125.1 yards per game, six times, which allowed for 149 yards or more.

What was the best year for the Jacksonville Jaguars? In 1999, Jaguars compiled the league’s best record of 142 a regular season, the best franchise ever.

What is Jacksonville Jaguars defense ranked?

Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars JAX
Defense allowed25

Which NFL team has the best Defense 2022? The 49ers have the best running defense in the NFL, allowing for just 86.6 ypg rush and 3.4 ypc. Compared to the pass, San Francisco boasts the sixth best pressure rating (25. On the same subject : Breast nurses provide support to patients during treatment and surgery.5%), ranks second in the sacks (26) and is ranked 11th in the average serving rating (87.2), even after clashing with Patrick Mahomes.

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What is the biggest NFL win ever?

Biggest wins
TeamResult (T-G-F)
62Cronulla68 (12-10-0/0)
62Canberra74 (13-11-0 / 0)
62Cronulla62 (11-9-0/0)

What’s the biggest blast in NFL history? The biggest explosions in the history of the NFL This may interest you : Stratford cheerleading squad receives top marks in competition.

  • 1 of 29. T-25. 1966: Chiefs 56, Broncos 10th …
  • 2 of 29. T-25. 1968: Cowboys 59, Lions 13 …
  • 3 of 29. T-25. 2004: Bosses 56, Sokoły 10 …
  • 4 of 29. T-25. 2007: Patrioty 56, Accounts 10. …
  • 5 of 29. T-24. 1977: Oilers 47, Bears 0 …
  • 6 of 29. T-24. 2008: Jets 47, Rams 0. …
  • 7 of the 29. T-20. …
  • 8 of 29. T-20.

What’s the highest NFL score of one team? The Washington Redskins scored the most points by the team in the game, with 72 points against the Giants on November 27, 1966.

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