US Cheerleading Franchise Denies Involvement in Public Sex Harassment

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One of the largest cheerleading companies in the country denies mass allegations of sexual abuse at gyms spread across the Southeast, reports James Pollard for the Associated Press.

Lawsuits filed by victims describing abuse by coaches and others at Varsity Spirit gyms across North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee allege the company fostered unsafe environments at partner gyms, hotels and varsity-hosted competitions that put participants at risk bring

The company denies any responsibility for the alleged assaults, especially since coaches involved in Varsity Spirit networks and competitions are not employed by the company.

Gyms are represented by Thomas Clare, who has recently received public notice for his representation of Dominion Voting Systems in defamation cases against Sidney Powell and Rudy Guiliani.

Initial charges in these cases against Varsity Spirit and the specific coaches and gyms accused of sexual assault were first filed in September. No arrests have been made in the cases so far.

A federal case filed in the District of South Carolina by a Jane Doe alleges that Scott Foster, a cheerleading coach and owner of Rockstar Greenville in Greenville, South Carolina, and his wife Kelly Foster, allowed an environment that led to the led to abuse. and statutory rape of a 15-year-old cheerleader.

Jane Doe, in a complaint filed in October 2022, described being taken by her trainers to a house party when she was 15 years old, where she was raped by a trainer. The next year, she described another trainer as sending her sexual messages and sticky photos online.

The complaint describes Scott Foster allegedly making comments to her about having sex with one of the coaches and never intervening. The doe in this case is the eighth doe to file a lawsuit against Varsity and other companies for wrongdoing that took place at Rockstar Greenville.

Foster killed himself in August this year.

Audrey Nielsen is a TCR employee.

Reports indicate that the Washington Post has fired controversial political reporter Felicia Sonmez, who engaged in a Twitter war complaining about her colleagues and the media for the past week.

What happened to the former assistant coach at Navarro Cheer?

Although there is no clear explanation for Andy leaving his previous post with Navarro’s cheer team, it seems that the talented coach is still in business as he started his own business; Cheer Source All Star. To see also : Bird’s Eye | Week 11 Falcons vs New England. His business is described as ‘a new large scale, multi-sport and entertainment experience’.

What happened to the assistant coach in cheer season 2? According to his Instagram, Andy is currently running a new business venture called Cheer Source All Star, “a new large scale, multi-sport and entertainment experience.”

What happened to the assistant cheer coach on cheer? According to his Instagram bio, Andy now owns Cheer Source, a cheerleading camp. “It’s been so hard not to talk about this, but here it is… I’m so honored and excited to start this new project and venture!

Why did the assistant coach leave Navarro?

In the second season, Cheer’s assistant coach, Andy Cosferent, left the Netflix docuseries and the Navarro team to explore more individual business pursuits. This may interest you : How to watch, stream and listen: Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville | Week 2 | September 18, 2022.


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Why is Rockstar Cheer closing?

Rockstar Cheerleading and Dance in Greer has closed following the death of its owner and two lawsuits that include claims of sexual abuse by cheerleading coaches and the late owner. Read also : Do NFL cheerleaders get paid? That’s the average salary. Scott Foster, who owns Rockstar Cheerleading and Dance in Greer, died by suicide on August 22 at Paris Mountain State Park.

Who is the owner of Rockstar Cheer? This comes after two lawsuits against the Rockstar Cheer brand and its owner, Scott Foster.

What happened to Rockstar Cheer? Rockstar Cheer, cheerleading gym based in South Carolina, in the sexual abuse scandal turned. Scott Foster, 49, the founder of Rockstar Cheer, died by suicide August 22. A week later, his estate and gym were hit with two lawsuits claiming sexual abuse.

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