Wetumpka Youth Soccer & Cheerleading League: Junior Division Defeats Pike Road for Team Championship

Wetumpka Youth Football & Cheerleading League

Last Saturday, November 5, 2022, Wetumpka Youth Football & The Junior Cheerleading League Division (8/9 Years) was able to beat the Pike Road Patriots (Grey Team) in Tri-County Youth Football & The Cheerleading Conference Championship (TCYFCC) matches are held at Pike Road. The final score was 22-8. This age division was able to finish the regular season unbeaten with a score of 6-0 and then proceed through the playoffs (singleelimination) to bring the CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY home to CITY OF WETUMPKA!!!

This is a testament to the hard work and dedication that the young players and volunteer coaching staff put into this team. The team is coached by the following people who volunteer their time:

A California clothing maker has announced it will open a facility in Wetumpka, bringing 557 jobs to the city. BELLA CANVAS said it would invest $11.9 million to open a fabric cutting facility in a section of the Russell Brands building at 3145 Elmore Road that has been vacant since 2013.

What is the whitest area in Alabama?

RankPercentage of White PopulationCity / Population
1.100.0%Goldville, AL / 55
1.100.0%Natural Bridge, AL / 37
1.100.0%Kansas, AL / 226
4.99.5%River view, AL / 184

What percent of Alabama is white? By 2021, about 25.9 percent of Alabama’s residents will be black or African-American. Read also : NFL Cheerleader: Week 12. A further 65.1 percent of the population was white, and five percent of the population belonged to two or more races in that year.

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Who is the mayor of Wetumpka Alabama?

Did the takeover of the hometown help Wetumpka? As Montgomery, WSFA 12 Alabama reports, the series has catapulted Wetumpka into the spotlight, helping them attract new visitors and maybe even new residents. Read also : A North Carolina youth football cheerleading league has been censured for offering a rifle in a raffle.

What is Wetumpka AL known for? Wetumpka, Ala., is home to one of only 200 impact craters recognized worldwide, due to the astrobleme, or ‘star wound’, which is known to hit the area more than 80 million years ago, producing beautiful green hills that touch the banks of the River. The meandering Coosa.

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