The Security Guard gets the crowd moving when he joins the Tennessee Cheerleaders On The Sidelines

A security guard fulfilled his dream of becoming a college cheerleader last weekend by joining the Tennessee Volunteers to perform one of their routines, The Sun reports. He nailed the choreography and the crowd went wild.

A viral TikTok of the performance shows Michael Galyean standing in front of the cheerleaders as they dance. Galyean stands there for a few seconds until someone approaches him and tries to make him move. Galyean appears to refuse, walking closer to the cheerleaders instead of clearing the way.

Suddenly, she effortlessly joins the dance routine and the crowd bursts into applause. Galyean ends his superstar moment by throwing his arms in the air in triumph.

Galyean, known by many as “the boy in the blue shirt”, always dreamed of entertaining a crowd like the one on Saturday. She told Newsweek that she was a high school cheerleader, but gave up her dream when she enrolled at the University of Tennessee.

“I knew all the cheerleaders in the state, and then just to see this beast [University of Tennessee] cheerleading, I was just like, ‘OK, it’s not for me,'” she said.

After making that choice, “The Man in Blue” moved on from cheerleading for two decades. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, he worked in retail for many years. But after losing her retail job last year, she decided it was time to revisit her true passion.

“So, I’ve spent the last year just throwing darts — whether it’s the TV work we have here in Knoxville, in front of the camera and behind the camera, trying different things,” he told Newsweek. “I organize events all over the city. I work with various dance publications.

Galyean has known Kelley Tafazzoli, Spirit’s program director for the dance team, for some time. Tafazzoli said the team is looking for ways to upgrade the fan experience. So they came up with this plan to make the security guard’s dream come true.

“[Kelley] just knew I’d had a showboat before,” Galyean said with a laugh. “I think he felt comfortable that I was doing the role well and with respect.”

Fans couldn’t get over Galyan’s performance and flooded the comments on the TikTok video with praise.

“The hair change was everything,” wrote one viewer.

“Omg so good,” replied another.

“The Man in Blue” himself commented, joking at the start of the routine.

“I mean one minute I’m on call… and the music just moved me so I let the beat take over. Hope it was ok @vol_danceteam,” she wrote.

Galyean also posted on her TikTok thanking viewers for all the love and support.

“It just shows the power of dance and that’s what we all thrive on,” she said.

“Thank you very much,” he added. “We’ll see where this thing takes me.”

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