Zero Gravity cheerleader Alyssa Smartt selling homemade cutting boards to get to Hawaii.

Alyssa Smartt and her mother, Kim Couper-Smartt, are making chopsticks to raise money for Alyssa to go to a cheerleading competition in Hawaii. Photo / Judith Lacy

Alyssa Smartt is the first to admit that she packs a lot into her days.

Her most recent addition is helping her mother, Kim Couper-Smartt, make wooden cutting boards. They are selling the boards to raise money for Alyssa to go to the Global Dance + Cheer Games in Hawaii.

Zero Gravity Cheerleading is taking two teams to games in May, which is billed as a “global event of epic proportions.”

Alyssa cheerleaders for about two years and says being a gymnast has helped her adjust.

“I just found it easy to understand what different things mean, but I’m not very good at dancing because I don’t smile enough.”

The 14-year-old means that sometimes she gets so focused that she forgets to smile. In her first year, her serious look came out too much, giving the impression that she was forced to be there.

Alyssa loves how energetic a cheerleader is and how supportive people are. She likes being on a team where everyone tries.

Alyssa lives at Pohangina and goes to St Peter’s College in Palmerston North.

Last weekend, she was in Auckland competing with other Zero Gravity-ites at the NZ Super Nationals run by Cheerbrandz.

She started doing recreational gymnastics when she was about 7 years old and got into competitive tumbling. She also rides her pony Pixie.

Alyssa dabbled in woodwork during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Her mother does all the sawing and she does the gluing and finishing. As well as chopping boards, they make yo-yos, spatulas, salad servers and clean/dirty signs for dishwashers.

Couper-Smartt took up woodworking about six years ago, receiving tuition from noted woodworker Eddie Hall.

She converted a double garage at their property into a workshop. The family received recycled wood from various people, including part of the stage from the former Methodist church in Pohangina.

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