Broke Detroit Lions Fan Takes Teasing Pictures Of Cheerleaders – Game 7

The Detroit Lions entered their 2022-23 campaign with high hopes.

Head coach Dan Campbell was an offseason favorite. First-round pick Aidan Hutchinson was coming off a tremendous college career (plus, his mom is basically a supermodel). Quarterback Jared Goff played pretty well to end last year, so people were counting on that momentum to reverse.

Optimism was out of the question. Unfortunately, it was all in vain.

Eight games into the year – Detroit is 2-6. Halfway through the season and it’s already another lost campaign for the Lions.

And the team is not only struggling on the field. Their fans don’t do too well with it either.

Apparently this isn’t exactly the first incident of its kind at an NFL game. Earlier this year, a Minnesota Vikings fan couldn’t stop staring at a Philadelphia Eagles fan with a particularly large butt.

And it’s not even limited to professional play. At the college level, cameramen couldn’t stop revealing attractive women at a Florida game recently.

So in a way this is quite normal.

However, regardless of how you feel about this incident, it’s just the latest embarrassment for a franchise that is littered with them.

Worst of all, it’s hard to see a viable path for the Lions to improve their season from here. Next week they face a bad Chicago Bears team that was just cheated out of a win they deserved.

Then battles against the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets. It’s really not that inconceivable that Detroit could go 3-11 heading into their Dec. 24 showdown against the Carolina Panthers.

The photos speak for themselves.

— Game 7 (@game7__) November 9, 2022

Not great. And certainly not what people were hoping for going into the season.

Will the Lions ever be able to regain some semblance of respectability as a franchise?

Maybe. However, it is obvious that this will not happen this year.

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2008 Detroit Lions (0-16) You are 0-10”. That sums up the worst team in NFL history. The Detroit Lions finished 7-9 the previous season.

What is the most profitable NFL franchise?

CharacteristicRevenue in millions of US dollars

What is the least profitable NFL team? The Cincinnati Bengals were considered the least valuable NFL franchise at $2. Read also : West Harrison High cheerleaders were presented with National Champion rings.84 billion, placing them just behind the Detroit Lions ($2.86 billion).

Is owning an NFL team profitable? Team valuations increased an average of 28.5% from the previous season, making the NFL once again the most profitable league in sports.

Which is the richest NFL team in 2022. Top NFL estimates

  • New England Patriots ($5.88 billion)
  • New York Giants ($5.73 billion)
  • San Francisco 49ers replay ($5.18 billion). Play/Pause. Mute. …
  • Chicago Bears ($5 billion)
  • New York Jets ($4.8 billion)
  • Washington Commanders ($4.78 billion)
  • Philadelphia Eagles ($4.7 billion)
  • Denver Broncos ($4.65 billion)

The Panthers have reportedly made a decision on the quarterback's departure
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Can the Detroit Lions still make the playoffs?

ESPN’s projection model gives the Detroit Lions a nearly 3-in-10 chance of making the 2022 postseason. See the article : Check Out: Cowboy Cheerleading Goes Viral in Boot Camp.

Are the Lions officially eliminated from the playoffs? Conversation. The Lions are officially eliminated from the playoffs.

What are the odds of the Lions winning the Super Bowl? Detroit Lions Super Bowl Odds After opening the season 1-6, the Lions odds are 100,000.

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