Commanders’ Benjamin St-Juste says ‘dark cloud’ over franchise, team could use ‘fresh start’

Regardless of what happened on the football field, the focus around the Washington Commanders seems to always be on the turmoil surrounding Daniel Snyder and the overall run of the franchise. The Chiefs find themselves at the center of controversy again after the team’s recent shooting of Brian Robinson Jr. has called Thursday afternoon.

While the Commanders’ players have largely avoided publicly discussing the state of the franchise, cornerback Benjamin St-Juste recently said a change within the organization would be beneficial.

“Since I arrived here, there has been a dark cloud over our organization,” St-Jusge told the French-language newspaper Le Journal de Québec last week (translation via 106.7 The Fan). “Every time something good happens on the pitch, something bad happens off it. It would give us great energy to have a fresh start and regain the confidence of the fans.”

The NFL fined Snyder’s franchise $10 million at the conclusion of its workplace misconduct investigation. The investigation was launched following a report by the Washington Post that included 15 former employees claiming they were sexually harassed during their time with the franchise. A second report published in the Post cited interviews with over 100 employees who claimed that Snyder “presided over an organization in which women say they were marginalized, discriminated against and exploited.”

Snyder was also accused of trying to use cheerleaders in inappropriate ways, including creating inappropriate videos of cheerleader photoshoots for him.

In February, six former employees of the franchise joined the leaders of the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee for a roundtable discussion about workplace abuse within the organization. The roundtable led to more allegations, which included claims of inappropriate behavior by Snyder. The chairman and chairwoman of the Oversight Committee believe the NFL “covered up” alleged misconduct by the six former employees before the league’s investigation.

In this controversy, St-Juste may get his wish, as Snyder and the organization have hired representation to possibly sell the team. This comes after Colts owner Jim Irsay recently said there will be “potentially” enough votes from NFL ownership to remove Snyder as owner. Twenty-four votes would be needed to remove an owner.

“Some of the things I’ve heard don’t represent us at all,” Irsay said. “I want the American public to know what we are as owners … You can’t shy away from the fact that I believe it is in the best interest of the National Football League that we square this in the eye and deal with it. “

Meanwhile, coach Ron Rivera and his team continue to try to keep the focus on the field. After a slow start, Rivera’s team is 4-5 heading into Monday night’s road game against the undefeated Eagles.

ATLANTA, May 25 National Football League owners voted unanimously today to approve the sale of the Washington Redskins and Jack Kent Cooke Stadium to a group led by Daniel M. Snyder for $800 million – a record price for a US sports franchise.

What are the allegations against the Washington Commanders?

The Washington Commanders owner faces several allegations of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, but his fellow owners and the NFL have not decided what to do about him. See the article : Photo: Badgers Host Free Practice For Fans | Green Bay Packers and NFL | This week, the National Football League (NFL) owners held their annual fall meeting.

What are the commanders being investigated for? In addition to allegedly hiding ticket revenue and withdrawing up to $5 million in security deposits from fans, the Commanders are still under investigation by White for a litany of workplace abuse allegations, including allegations of sexual assault against Snyder.

Why did Washington change commanders? After more than 40,000 choices suggested by fans, the franchise finally decided on “Washington Commanders”, as a tribute to the connection of the US capital with the military.

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What is Gruden email scandal?

Gruden resigned last year after earlier emails were leaked showing him using racist, misogynistic and homophobic language. "I am ashamed of what came in these emails, and I will not make excuses for it. This may interest you : Captain Shreve’s Madison Hicks tops week 5 in Shreveport Times Athlete of the Week voting. It’s a shame, & quot; Gruden said.

What did Gruden’s emails really say? In the emails between Gruden and former Washington general manager Bruce Allen, he also complained about the league hiring women as umpires, teams drafting gay players and players protesting during the national anthem.

Are the Jon Gruden emails available? In response to an email regarding a separate question regarding the Washington emails, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT that the NFL has not released any of Grud’s emails to the media.

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