DC Attorney General Sues NFL and Washington Chiefs

Prosecutors accused the Commanders of a hostile workplace

Prosecutors in Washington DC have sued the American soccer team the Chiefs, accusing them of defrauding fans of efforts to investigate a “hostile” and “misogynistic” workplace.

The civil lawsuit announced Thursday also accused team owner Dan Snyder and the National Football League (NFL) of working together to mislead the public.

Authorities have long accused the group of sexual harassment and misconduct.

The group said it welcomes the opportunity to defend the union in court.

The lawsuit, announced by DC Attorney General Karl Racine, alleges that in the face of “public outrage over detailed and widespread allegations of sexual misconduct”, the Governors, Mr Snyder and NFL officials made statements. public relations aimed at persuading the public. that “misconduct and misconduct were limited and that they were fully cooperating with an independent investigation”.

At a press conference, Mr Racine said that “all these scams were done to protect their profits and their image”.

The Attorney General’s Office also wants to compel the NFL to reveal the results of an earlier investigation into working conditions in the US football department, which ultimately led to the league fining the club $10m (£8.5m) .

The league and its commissioner, Robert Goodell, previously refused to release the results of that investigation, citing privacy concerns. A separate NFL investigation is underway and its findings are expected to be made public.

Mr Racine pointed to a number of specific allegations against the club, including “voyeurism videos of partially clothed cheerleaders” and the sacking of a cheerleader who said a player had misbehaved.

In addition, Mr Racine said that Mr Snyder – contrary to public statements – was not only aware of the allegations, but “encouraged and participated”.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Snyder, Mr. Goodell and the NFL conspired to “defraud” Washington DC residents by “secretly entering into an agreement that the public did not know” in an attempt to “hide the truth, protect their image and allow “Their benefits continue”.

It is unclear what, if any, damages are being sought in the case.

In a statement to the BBC, the chiefs said the group and Dan Snyder “acknowledge that unacceptable workplace behavior has existed within their organization for a number of years and have repeatedly apologized for it.” “.

“We agree with AG Racine on one thing: the public needs to know the truth,” the statement added. “Despite the repeated accusations, half-truths and lies, we welcome this opportunity to defend the organization – for the first time – in a court of law and to bring out, once and for all, what is real and what is.” . fiction.”

The BBC was unable to reach the NFL for comment on the lawsuit.

The team — which was briefly known as the “Washington Football Team” after dropping the controversial “Redskins” name in 2020 — recently came under fire from the attorney general’s office after a player was shot dead in an attempted robbery three months ago. before.

In a statement sent to the Washington Post earlier this week, the group accused Mr Racine of using his position and investigation to make “sensational headlines” instead of “doing the hard work of making the streets safer for our citizens, including that of justice.” let’s face the people who shot one of our players”.

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