Milton High cheerleading team sets high standards | Milton, MA Area High School Sports Results and News

One of the great joys of following a high school sports team is witnessing the constant improvement of a program that climbs the ladder and reaches the top tier with some of the best teams in the state.

Being able to watch it from the beginning can definitely be a thrill for fans. Can you imagine what it’s like for the kids?

One team that has been on the rise in recent years has been the Wildcats Competitive Cheerleading squad. Last fall, the Wildcats placed third at Regionals and fifth at states. In the winter, the team took second place at the Small School Co-Ed Division South Sectional meet and then followed up with a third place finish at states. Three members of those teams have gone on to cheer at Division 1 schools.

Now, under first-year head coach Courtney Chester and assistant Kerin O’Brien, the seeds have been planted for a growing program with 23 athletes on the roster, including 10 seniors, two juniors, eight sophomores and three freshmen: a good mix of leading upperclassmen and new youngsters who could lead the team to special heights.

They have also inspired the next wave of Wildcats cheer as they hosted 50 members of the Milton Youth Cheer program on their opening night, possibly setting the tone for future stars to arrive on campus and continue the tradition.

For four days a week, Chester, O’Brien and their team work to perfect the skills essential to competitive cheering. The stunts, the cheers, the tumbles, the flips, the red and whites have been working day in and day out to get these routines down, all while being led by the team’s four captains: Alexandria Eckardt, Ava Hunt, Norah Walsh and Madeline Troiano.

They’ve also had the benefit of practicing in an adjacent gym built solely for cheerleading, protecting them from any distractions they might share Copeland Fieldhouse, and also occasionally working with the Curry College cheer team and learning from a senior program .

Due to teaching and inspiring the youth program, working hard and improving thanks to adequate facilities, learning from an elite level varsity team and brand new leadership, everything is looking up for the MHS cheerleading team, but Chester wants her team to master techniques on all areas and not just on the mat.

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