The Cheektowaga Supporters Team is asking for support on social media

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY – Cheektowaga Central School District told cheerleading coaches Sierra Gray and Kayla Hutcheson that teams will no longer be allowed to cheer for winter sports on Tuesday.

“We had our end-of-season meeting and I walked in thinking I was going to come in and talk about how this season went and they told me what to expect for the winter season. But then they told me he’s gone,” Kayla Hutcheson said, modified. team coach

Hutcheson said the Cheektowaga Central School District Athletic Director didn’t give him a reason behind the decision, but the discussion was enough for the team captains to take it to social media.

In 18 hours since first posting, more than 1,100 people have signed Julianna Steinberg’s online petition.

“Having all these supportive comments saying ‘we’re here for you’ and ‘we can’t believe this is happening,’ it’s crazy,” Steinberg said.

Steinberg hopes the online petition will show the administration how important cheerleading is to high school students for a creative outlet and much more.

“I started this so my cousins ​​and the community can have a cheer squad, I did it because they deserve to have a cheer squad and experience the warmth and experiences that I felt,” Steinberg said.

The Cheektowaga Central School District Superintendent gave WKBW a statement:

Scott Zipp, Superintendent of the Cheektowaga Central School District

But Superintendent Scott Zipp says you don’t need a precise number of cheerleaders to create a full squad, but Hutcheson says the Varsity team has 16 girls and the modified team has 6.

Hutcheson also says that there are already 30 girls signed up to try out for next season, and she has held the cheerleading national title and won second place at nationals last April. Head Coach Sierra Gray has been a coach for years and also a cheerleader from middle school through high school.

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