Anne Arundel’s cheerleading squads ruled the day, winning three regional championships

Ahead of the Women’s World Cup in 2019, the Netherlands runner-up spoke of the United States Women’s National Team as inspiration. One day they would be good enough to beat the best.

That’s how Anne Arundel’s teams see Chesapeake, this year’s county champion with dozens of titles under her belt. In the countywide competition on October 27, Glen Burnie was second behind the Cougars, followed by Crofton and Northeast.

“Everyone probably says they have the toughest county, but Anne Arundel County? It is,” North East coach Katie Williams said. “We have amazing elite cheerleaders everywhere and it’s consistent. It’s every school and the caliber is intense. We all say that our real competition, our real nationals, our real states are the counties.

The Glen Burnie Varsity Cheerleading Team competes in the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Fall Cheerleading Championships on October 27. The Gophers finished second at the event, before winning the regional Class 4A on November 5. (Paul W. Gillespie/Capital Gazette)

Off the searing peak of the Anne Arundel competition, county teams entered their regionals last Saturday at Harford Community College, seasoned to a level that blew away programs from other counties. Northeast won its first regional Class 2A crown in six years, Crofton won the 3A title for the first time in just its second year, and Glen Burnie won his third consecutive 4A.

Of Anne Arundel’s three teams declared winners on Saturday, only one killed the dragon: Crofton.

In the counties, the cardinals kept their distance during some of their fiercest stunts. Progression was the focus, coach Michael Houck said, and it was better for them to get the fundamentals than to fail on their toughest moves: transition stunts like the twist in the pyramid and releases. .

“The slow addition of elements really built the athletes’ confidence that they were able to go out there, add difficulty, and execute it on purpose,” Houck said of the regional,” which puts us in the competition category alongside teams that have been doing it for over 20 years.

Houck called the moment “bittersweet” when the Chesapeake name broke the tension between first and second in the awards game. The great county champion had fallen. Then, with 126.7 points – 0.55 points ahead of Chesapeake – Crofton’s name was called.

The Glen Burnie Varsity Cheerleading Team competes in the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Fall Cheerleading Championships on October 27. The Gophers finished second at the event, before winning the regional Class 4A on November 5. (Paul W. Gillespie/Capital Gazette)

“We knew we had a good shot,” Houck said, “But I will say when we started this program the goal was to be the best. And that’s still the case. And I hope that it will continue to happen as we become the dominant force in the county.

With origins in Top Gun Cheer and All-Star Cheerleading, props beyond the normal flags, pom poms, or signs have started flowing into high school cheerleading recently. He appeared during the county championships, when Chesapeake broke off their blue uniforms to reveal a shimmering white underneath.

Inspired, Crofton wanted a trick to transcend the mat. All among their fans floated red ribbons, handed out by the team the way professional clubs hand out playoff towels. Then the cardinals revealed theirs.

“It was like painting the town red,” Houck said, “and showing that school spirit throughout the area. When we carried on, it seemed like we had a really big fan base. The kids felt the energy and their confidence was radiant.

[ Chesapeake wins the county’s 20th cheerleading title. ]

Williams had butterflies on the verge of winning herself as a North East cheerleader, when the Eagles won crowns from 2001 to 2005 – the last of which won the North’s first state title -East. She eagerly waited for the top two in Region 2A with her athletes until the judges named Hereford second place.

From Crofton’s camp, assistant coach Matt Green pointed at Williams, shouting, “Northeast Eagles!” Chesapeake, too, stood up, waved his fingers in the direction of their Crosstown neighbor, clapping, “Northeast!”

“We sit together. We support each other. We like to call ourselves ‘AAC Strong’,” Houck said. “It’s good to see the relationship between the teams. No matter how competitive it can be at times, we have a lot of respect for each other.

Unlike Crofton, Northeast held nothing back in the counties. He did his best stunts, but not as well as he could have. As with virtually every county team that week, the flu wreaked havoc on the Eagles roster.

In a way, seeing how close his score was to teams that didn’t make mistakes in counties charged the Eagles with confidence. They could make mistakes and they were still good. Imagine what they could do if they executed every move perfectly?

Northeast’s 118.9 at regionals comes from a completely deduction-free game sheet. Their pyramid troubled the Eagles the most in the Counties, and although Williams saw imperfections in Saturday’s screening, it was technically perfect.

“I’m proud of them because our goal was to get to zero deductions, and they did just that,” Williams said.

But there are still things to work on before the national competition this weekend.

“We can clean things up. We can watch our hands, watch our timing,” Williams said. “Really just keeping them focused, locked in. Making sure they’re all drinking water, eating bananas and vitamins and getting plenty of sleep. That their focus isn’t on one win. That it’s the most big picture.

The rise of Glen Burnie is characterized by a commitment to the big picture. Coach Jamie McCoy and his team built a program that won its first region title in program history last fall and never stopped, winning another in the winter and the state title fall to start.

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Glen Burnie’s stunts hit all the notes in the counties, and yet McCoy had an idea that Chesapeake would outplay his team. While the Gophers executed perfection on cheers, dances and jumps, the Cougars simply pushed the limits of difficulty. The fact that they finished within 1.45 of Chesapeake in the counties without this difficulty filled Glen Burnie with anticipation for the week ahead.

At regionals, the Gophers played last, giving them little time to rationalize their mistakes. The pyramid did not go as planned, a mishap in a layer. It’s something they can learn from for the States, McCoy said, as they aim to repeat.

Glen Burnie’s roster is full of freshmen and inexperienced cheerleaders this year. This is the status quo for Glen Burnie, to some extent; McCoy spoke last year and how quickly she and her coaches must develop interested athletes with little pre-college experience.

But now, the Gophers embody a success bar. And from McCoy’s perspective, his greenest cheerleaders rose to the occasion, earning a regional score of 122.5, three points ahead of the rest.

“When it’s announced, the feeling is awesome,” McCoy said. “These kids work so hard.”

As with Northeast and the 2A, McCoy knows his Gophers’ success in the States will come down to deductions against perfection and who falls on which side of the spectrum. She implores her athletes to remember that ultimately their fate rests with the judges.

“I tell my kids that you can’t win if you don’t do your best. If you can’t hit, you can’t win,” McCoy said, “and it’s up to the judges to decide from there. But it’s going to be a lot of good teams and it’s going to be exciting to watch.

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What is elite level cheerleading?

Elite Cheer will specially select advanced and qualified Elite Cheer athletes to compete for the prestigious World Championships. The Stars are the most honored team in our program. To see also : “It’s a Growing Sport”: The Broncos support the NFL FLAG UK on their trip to London. This is a qualified USASF Level 6 team that will require triple toe backs, toe fronts, fulls, double fulls, delimiters and other mixi passes.

What are the different levels of joy? Traditionally, here is the breakdown:

  • Tiny: Four to six years old.
  • Mini: From five to eight years old.
  • Youth: 5 to 11 years old.
  • Junior: From 5 to 14 years old.
  • Senior: From 11 to 18 years old (Depending on the level. This minimum age increases next year)

What is the difference between Elite and Preparation Encouragement? The first number refers to the level of stunts that can be performed, while the second number refers to the level of tumbling. As you can see, prepping is a great option for those who don’t quite have the same tumbling ability as elite athletes. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t stunt!

What is the most difficult level of cheerleading? Teams compete at different levels that allow for different skills. The level system starts with level 1, followed by level 2, and so on. Level 7 is the highest level of cheerleading, where the most skills are allowed.

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What are Level 1 cheer skills?

Level 1: cartwheels, flares, front and rear rolls, front and rear steps, single-leg stunts at knee or waist, two-legged prep, straight cradles prep-level single-leg stunts, extended stunts at two feet, half twist. See the article : Texas College transgender cheerleader denies assault allegations

What do you need to know for level one to rejoice? level 1- requirements are, Tumbling: reverse, forward rollover, round Stunting: A lift, a connected extension, ticking at the navel, a cradle, and to have all your flexibility (scorpion, heel stretch, bow and arrow, arabesque, holding scale and freedom).

What is Level 1 Cheer? All Star Cheerleading Level 1 is the first step young Cheerleaders take in the sport. Most Cheerleaders competing at this level have never cheered before or haven’t cheered for a long time. The objective at this level is to provide introductions to basic stunts, jumps and dancing.

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