I’m 25 and tried on my old cheerleading uniforms to see if they still fit – people say I look ‘amazing’…

A former cheerleader returns to high school when she tries on her old dress.

Australian content creator Natasha Holmes fits the charm of old clothes, and people think she looks good in them, even at the age of 25.

Natasha got on the #throwbackuniform TikTok which has people trying on everything from old gym uniforms to workman uniforms and more to see how they fit.

She recorded a TikTok video in which she first wore a Yankees baseball jersey.

She paired it with a black baseball cap before switching to a new look.

Natasha wrote at the top of the video: “I tried on an old charmer.”

She was amazing in a black dress with long sleeves and a short pink and white skirt.

The fitted top has a star and chevron pattern along the sleeves. The skirt also has dotted stars on each pleat.

As Natasha danced in her outfit, the dress changed and revealed her thighs on the floor.

But she didn’t finish, she changed to another uniform.

This time, Natasha wore a sleeveless top with more pink and white accents, including the “Panthers” team name logo.

She boldly came out in the clothes that were revealed.

Then she tried on her final choice of uniform, which seemed to be a combination of the first two styles.

The long sleeve top features the Panthers logo and is paired with a matching mini skirt.

“She’s still fit,” Natasha wrote in the caption.

“Like a glove,” someone commented in response.

“Still got it babe,” one man wrote, while another added: “Kill girl.”

The praise continued as people told Natasha that she “looked amazing” and that she was “the most beautiful and beautiful.”

How heavy is too heavy to be a flyer?

For the base or the toilet, you will be fine as long as you are fit (regardless of body type) and not overweight. For powder, there is no specific number. On the same subject : Panthers audition for TopCats. From what I’ve witnessed in the high school environment, most wrestlers are ~125lb or lighter, especially since we compete in girls events.

What is weight for an airplane? 7.8pt or 8.8pt are the best paper sizes for good double-sided plots. 7.8pt is good for printing posters. We wouldn’t recommend anything simpler than this. This durable paper is the starting point for a lightweight card that is very durable.

How heavy can be cheerful? TDA: Are there height or weight requirements? Lowry: The average girl is between 4’11 and 5’3 and weighs between 95 and 125 pounds.

How do Flyers hold their weight?

It is a foundation work to balance their weight. All marketers must continue to strengthen the legs, lock the legs and tighten the muscles. Read also : At 43, Muralles becomes the NFL’s oldest cheerleader. The roots will do the rest. Strengthen your fields to play in the air and smile even if something goes wrong.


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What is the highest tumbling skill in cheer?

Tumble 5 is the most advanced tumbling class where students must have the perfect lay of the tumbling…. Tumble Level 5 On the same subject : Drug Court: Support comes from everyone in drug court.

  • Stay Full.
  • Level 5 Pass Specialty.
  • Round BHS Two Complete.
  • Standing 3 Back Arms to Full Two.
  • Punch Front Round Off Back Full Handspring.

What is advanced tumbling? The older classes are for children who have or are close to having their hands back. They focus on more advanced tutting skills such as: standing back, tucks. too many back passes. before tumbling.

What is Level 4 tumbling charm? Step 4. Tumbling – Each student must have a solid tuck and/or a set of back gloves in the tuck. Also, a student must have a flat run or be proficient in a tuk (front kick, forehand or whip).

What is the highest level in cheer?

Level 7 is the highest level in charm, where most skills are allowed. The common belief is that the higher the level the team is at, the better it is.

What stage should a 12-year-old boy be in? Younger: Four to six years old. Mini: Five to eight years. Youth: Five to 11 years. Junior: Five to 14 years.

What are the charm levels? Level 1: planks, forward round, forward and backward swings, forward and backward walkers, knee or waist level single leg, two-legged plan, straight cradle ⢠Level 2: backhand, handstand next, level 1 tumbling is combined with Handping, level one prep stitches for one leg, double leg extension, half twist…

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