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JACKSONVILLE – Look ahead on Wednesday.

Which way will they go? They may fold the curtain and check, lose confidence and start pointing fingers. They could learn from this and get a streak of streak wins to make up for the disappointment of losing again by making stupid mistakes.

I understand the spirit of this question. Jaguars fans, after all, were disappointed and angry after a 29-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday, a defeat that brought them to 2-2 and they drew for first place at AFC South to enter a home game against Houston’s Texas Sunday. Remember, though: this is professional football, where there is a meaningful and difficult match every week and where highs, lows, highs and lows are the norm. The defeat to the Eagles undoubtedly hurt. And the players were disappointed, with head coach Doug Pederson going so far as to say Monday that the team was satisfied. But that’s 0.500 in four games, not 0-4. They lost on the way to the NFL’s last remaining undefeated team, not a directional college team. They are an improved team that is moving in the right direction and a team that is number one in the division. There is nothing to indicate that the jaguars will fold the curtain, lose confidence or point fingers. Also I don’t know if they will go on a long streak. I expect them to approach this week as the last four have done, with professionalism, focus and preparation. And I expect they will do it all season. And I expect they will win a lot of games and lose a few. Either way, I’d be stunned if Sunday’s defeat to the Eagles destroyed the season. Amazed, I’ll tell you.

Will it make a difference that the Jaguars are favorites in this game? They have something to lose.

This at first glance seems to be one of those questions to which I answer that it’s not a big deal. And I don’t usually like the fact that “outside noise” is an important factor in determining the results. But this is a very legitimate question because Sunday will really be the first time under Pederson that the Jaguars will be favorites to win. They were the team with “something to prove” in the first four games. Can they win with fans and observers who expect it to happen? I believe they will, but this is absolutely a plot.

The NFL is truly a balanced league. It seems that each game boils down to one or two plays that determine the outcome. I think about last week’s game against the Chargers. The Jags had a quarter and one from 50 while they were leading by just six. Running back James Robinson interrupted a huge touchdown run and from there the whole game developed. If the Chargers had stopped him and took possession of the ball in midfield with the momentum of a quarter down, things could have been very different. Last week it looked like it was up to that first fumble. At 14-0, if Jacksonville converts on that fourth down and scores again, the game would have been very different. It’s disappointing to lose games when it seems like one or two different plays would have changed the outcome, but it’s even better than in years past, where it seemed defeat was guaranteed no matter how many plays were changed. How long has it been since the Jaguars have actually pulled each week, regardless of the opponent?

Losing games against NFC opponents is the least damaging from an end-of-season tiebreak point of view if we continue to take care of business against AFC South teams.

We are less than a quarter of the 2022 NFL season. The Jaguars are tied for first place in AFC South, 2-0 in AFC and 1-0 in the division. It would be difficult for the season to be more “all ahead of them” and “there to be conquered” than is currently the case.

And still in first place. Win the division.

Hey O, longtime reader, first time commenting. The defeat didn’t surprise me, the turnovers. Let’s give the baby a break and we know this is DDDUUUUUVAAALLLL !!.

I don’t expect most Jaguars fans to be against or critical of quarterback Trevor Lawrence for long. On Sunday he played a bad game in difficult conditions. For the most part this season he has looked considerably improved. It is forecast Wednesday. Go on.

This team is all going well. In four games, what do you think this team will do with the rest of the program?

You win more than they lose, or at least it’s very close.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be absolutely fantastic if the team won eight games, but if they want to become contenders, they need some bigger guys, especially the tight end, wide receiver and defensive tackle. They simply won’t beat league caliber teams like the Eagles without them.

This Jaguars team is bigger, stronger and faster than it was a season or two ago. CEO Trent Baalke is a “great” football player and his acquisitions generally reflect that. It is difficult to immediately acquire top notch blue chip athleticism in any position. I expect the jaguars will continue to move towards bigger, stronger and faster in the coming offseason.

Bruce of Green Cove Springs, FL

We hope Pederson can turn it into a learning opportunity and we will see a better performance with fewer mistakes against the Texans next Sunday. Should we also worry about Texas being a “trap” game?

I rarely tell people not to worry. I am the King of the Concerned. Pederson seems to have the attention of his players. I would be surprised if the Jaguars on Sunday were unprepared, unmotivated or out of focus. None of this means that the Jaguars are sure to win. This is the NFL. Winless teams win matches. The Texans have been competitive every week. The Jaguars can lose this game without being “trapped”.

John, on Sunday morning you talked about gambling rituals. I grew up in an extremely sporty house. There have been many times when I have witnessed my brother panicking when he couldn’t find his lucky baseball socks, or my dad coaching his team crazed over his missing lucky pencil. Once, as I walked into the living room, Horst Muhlmann aimed an easy basket and I had to go and sit in the kitchen and listen to the rest of the game. Today I know that nothing I do has any effect on the outcome of the game. However, if my chicken tenders don’t turn out well and we lose, it’s my fault.

I laughed at the part about Horst Muhlmann. I never had to go to the kitchen, but I had several places on the sofa where I had to sit. I also had more shirts that I wore on match day believing my team wouldn’t win if I didn’t wear them. I don’t remember how I solved the fact that they usually won and lost no matter where I sat and what I was wearing. Fan of fans. That’s what they do.

“What? Over? Did you say over? Nothing’s over until we decide it’s over! It was over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor !? Heck no !!” Last time I checked on Sunday it was an off-conference game against a Super Bowl favorite. We are 2-2 in the first quarter of the season. Before the season started, every fan would get it and not look back. There is a lot of football left.

Traditionally, Texans own us. We are currently projected as the 7.5 point favorites over the Texans. I don’t understand what Vegas sees that I don’t see. Sure the Jags “on paper” are the best team, but this Texan team manages the ball well and beats us with the current quarterback at the helm. These games generally don’t work in our favor. This game will really show us what this Jags team really is. Good teams beat bad ones.

Oddsmakers see a team of Jaguars improved against a team of struggling Texans. It is entirely reasonable that jaguars are favorites. They should be favored. This in no way guarantees that they will win.

Zone: “I was an angry young man. Me hiding my head in the sand … it can’t get any worse.” With the Jaguars unbeaten in the four-game division. Record of 2-2 with three of those away games, “I have to admit he’s improving.”

“I know the Seven Deadly Sins very well. I have a busy schedule, trying to fit them.”

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