Eagles cheerleaders surprise seniors in Bucks County

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Some Bucks County seniors received a special visit in honor of Veterans Day. In the dining hall of Wesley Enhanced Living in Doylestown, a group of senior veterans had quite the surprise on Friday.

Their lunch hour was supported by a special appearance by the Eagles cheerleaders.

While you couldn’t miss these proud military caps, there was plenty of green alongside the red, white and blue. Many veterans are also veteran Eagles fans – like Lawrence King!

“It was really good, I had no idea it was for me,” King said. “I was really so excited and grateful.”

King had been a season ticket holder for 41 years. He served in the military and told Eyewitness News that being an Eagles fan and a veteran had something in common.

“Perseverance, because I’ve seen good football and bad football,” King said.

But Friday wasn’t about cheering on our home team – it was about cheering on the team that fought for our freedoms at home – the real heroes.

How can we continue to thank our veterans?

“Just support them,” King said.

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