I tried on my old high school cheerleading uniforms as a mom – they were so tight, but people say I have ‘st…

PEAKING in high school is a common concept, but hot mom always got it.

A TikToker has modeled his old high school uniform and it fits him like a glove.

TikTok user Paige Munguia tried on one of her old high school cheerleading uniforms.

The new mum explained, “I stumbled into my old cheerleading uniforms and since I’m as small now as I was in high school, I thought to myself, let’s see how well it goes.”

Paige showed her followers the three cheer uniforms she wore throughout her time in high school.

The outfits were made up of different combinations of the school colors, red and white.

All three uniforms had East High, East, or just the letter “E” written across the front.

Choosing the mostly red look with East written across the chest, Paige told her followers, “I decided to go with this one because I think it’s the cutest.”

The TikToker informed her audience that she was going to try to fit into the crop top since she was about the same height as in high school.

“I don’t like it. It’s so hard. I’ll try to shut it down. I don’t even know how I did that in high school,” she said.

After removing her watch, Paige managed to sneak into her old uniform.

Next, the influencer tried to tuck her bum into the matching skort.

She detailed, “It might be the only thing that’s grown since high school, since I lost all that weight.”

Finally, Paige added the sleeveless vest over the red long sleeve top.

“This one is tough too. It’s so tight. I’m going to be like the Hulk trying to get out of it,” she told viewers.

Paige’s followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the uniform.

“Damn mum still has it,” one viewer wrote.

Another follower commented, “You look beautiful my friend.”

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