Jaguars insider: “There is a process…”

JACKSONVILLE – What is needed is time. And more work and teaching.

When it comes to the development and improvement of quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said this week that he is very willing to give it his all.

“The more he plays, the better he gets,” Pederson said.

Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, was a main topic Monday when Pederson spoke to the media a day after a 13-6 loss to the Houston Texans that knocked the Jaguars out of first place in the AFC South. The topic: How to continue to develop Lawrence, who has hit high points at times this season and been inconsistent at other times.

“Everything you want for a quarterback to be successful in this league is there,” Pederson said. “It’s our job as a staff, as coaches, to get him there. He’s the type of guy who takes the hard work out and fixes it week by week.

“Is he always perfect? ​​No. But he has that mentality. He wants the ball in his hand.”

Lawrence, named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week after the Week 3 win over the Los Angeles Chargers, has thrown for eight touchdowns with four interceptions this season after throwing for 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions as a rookie in 2021.

He has seven turnovers in the past two games: two interceptions Sunday against Houston and four fumbles lost with an interception in the red zone in a 29-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles the week before.

“You see the toughness, the mental and physical toughness,” Pederson said. “There are opportunities there, but we have to keep teaching him. It’s like trying to get a young team to become how to win. It’s the same thing. We just have to keep teaching him and keep talking to him, and that’s more on us as a staff than about him.”

Pederson, as he has done several times since taking over as Jaguars head coach in February, on Monday emphasized the time it takes for a quarterback to adjust to the new offensive system and noted that Lawrence is working with his third offensive coordinator/coach at so many stations.

“He’s a young guy,” Pederson said. “There hasn’t been consistency yet. We’re trying as a team and as a unit to build that consistency around him, and really, around this team. You just see it around the league — offensive success, there’s stability around the quarterback. .”

Pederson cited the Cincinnati Bengals with Joe Burrow, the Philadelphia Eagles with Jalen Hurts and the Los Angeles Chargers with Justin Herbert as recent examples of young quarterbacks hitting their stride in their second seasons in offensive systems.

“You take a young quarterback, you put the pieces around him, there’s consistency — things thrive,” Pederson said. “Do I think we have a chance to take advantage of some situations and improve as a team? I do. And the team believes that.

“But there’s a process here. A lot of times, nobody wants to wait any longer. It’s now. I get it. It’s a win-now mentality. It’s our job to try to speed it up as best we can through practice, through preparation. And through of teaching

“It’s where we are at the moment, but I know we’ll be there in time with these teams.”

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Do the Jaguars have a chance to make the playoffs?

The Jaguars have a 7% chance of making the playoffs. On the same subject : NFL Cheerleaders of the Conference Championships.

How many games must a football team win to make the playoffs? Based on their winning records, the top three teams in each conference will qualify for the wild card slot. For the sake of our discussion, it’s worth noting that to date, every team that has finished 12–4 or better has made the NFL playoffs in a 12-team format (not the current 14-team format).

Are the Jaguars an expansion team? Along with the Carolina Panthers, the Jacksonville Jaguars entered the NFL as the first expansion teams in nearly 20 years.

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