Meet Addy and Emma: These North Texas best friends are making cheerleading history—together

“Because it’s okay if people call us something else. It’s a good difference, right Emma? We’re in this together,” said Addy Sweny.

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas – Two best friends recently got into a fight at a JV football game in North Richland Hills. But even though they were technically competitors, Addy and Emma were really rooting for each other.

“We’ve been friends for, I think, seven years,” Addy Sweny said.

“Yes, seven years,” Emmy Perez replied.

Friends who share the same dream.

Both girls have Down syndrome. They met at cheerleading camp seven years ago. And from the beginning, they hoped to one day reach their high school cheerleading squads — including everyone else.

“I like cheering because I get to show my school spirit,” Addy said.

“I like to do stunts,” added Emma.

“I wanted to be a cheerleader since I was little,” said Addy. “And it was like a dream come true.”

The dream came true because that Thursday night they competed, but also lived their dream together.

Emma is on the Richland Royals cheerleading squad. Addy is on the Birdville Hawks cheerleading squad. And as the JV soccer teams competed on the field, Addy and Emma, ​​waving and catching each other’s eyes during the game, cheered on their teams.

“I can’t tell you for sure what dreams they made for my child,” said Addy’s mom, LeAnn Sweny. “It’s amazing to me to watch her be able to take something she’s passionate about and love and do it for her school.”

“Just ask. If your kid wants to do something whether it’s choir or football or cheerleading, whatever. Just ask and see what they’re willing to do,” said Emma’s mom Mallory Foster.

“These kids are a lot more like other kids than they are different,” added LeAnn Sweny.

“Different is okay. Different is a good difference,” Addy said. “Because it’s okay if people call us something else. It’s a good difference, right Emma?  We’re in this together.”

And along with teammates, who recognize it as friends and classmates, they also learn a valuable message about inclusion.

“I think it helps us be more sensitive to people with disabilities,” Emma’s fellow cheerleader Makenna Dearing said. “I think it just helps us be better people in our society.”

“I’m just having fun, showing everyone positivity and I think it really spreads,” said Addy’s teammate Amelie Archer.

“I think it’s absolutely valuable and it shows that they really support each other even though they’re on different teams,” Birdville cheerleader coach Cassidy Lakota said.

“Showing inclusiveness is what makes us a family here,” Richland assistant JV cheer coach Sharon Baskerville said.

As for Addy and Emma, ​​they hope you don’t see two girls with Down syndrome. They just want you to see two more cheerleaders overflowing with school spirit.

And that maybe many soccer fans and parents and students and teachers see that dreams and opportunities are for everyone.

“Just tell them you can. Just believe in yourself,” Addy said.

“Do you believe in yourself”, I asked her.

“Yes,” Addy replied. “And I believe in Emma. Because she is my best friend.”

And how can you not cheer for that.

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