Boris will be back, says loyal cheerleader Nadine Dorries

Stanch Boris Johnson ally Nadine Dorries has insisted the former Prime Minister will “come back” one day, as she recalled an “upbeat” atmosphere among friends after his aborted bid for a second term in the first place.

The former Cabinet minister said Mr Johnson threw a “successful” party to thank his supporters after he withdrew from the race to replace Liz Truss, with a “general ‘air’ in the room” to suggest that people were anticipating his return—either. relatively soon or a decade down the line.

Johnson has returned from the Caribbean in a dramatic turn of events as he plans a return to No 10 less than two months after being sacked following a series of scandals.

But he later dropped his comeback bid, saying he had been unsuccessful in his efforts to “reach out” to his rivals – Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt – to work together in the national interest.

Former culture secretary Ms Dorries said there was a “great crowd” at the meeting, adding: “Everybody loves it.”

“There was a general ‘air’ in the room and certainly people saying he’s coming back,” he told The House magazine.

“He’s coming back. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, I don’t know if it will be 10 years or 10 months.”

But he said Mr Johnson first needs to “recover”, suggesting the first job comes at a price, literally.

“I said that to be Prime Minister you need to be rich because it costs you a lot of money,” he said.

“It’s part of the role to invite people to Chequers, but you have to pay for every cup of tea served out of your own pocket.”

In an apparent reference to Mr Sunak’s wealth, he noted: “Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, that’s a problem.”

Ms Dorries also expressed concern about the fate of the Online Safety Bill under the new Conservative government. This has been stopped again on its way through Parliament, leading to concerns that the revolutionary legislation may be watered down or even scrapped.

Critics of the Bill believe that attempts to define “legal but harmful” content are “arbitrary”.

Culture secretary Michelle Donelan said during Ms Truss’s brief stint in Number 10 that officials would look at this wording again, insisting that provisions to protect children would remain unchanged.

But Ms. Dorries, who worked extensively on the Bill during her tenure in the department, said her successor did not have a sufficient grip on the issue.

We don’t water anything. We’re going the extra mile to keep kids safe, keep social media platforms accountable, protect free speech and commit to tackling posts that encourage self-harm.

“There is absolutely no reason why the Bill should be changed in any way,” Ms Dorries said.

“Especially because all the difficult and controversial stages of the Bill, including legal but harmful ones, have already passed. It has already passed. Our party voted for it.

“Michelle has been in labor five minutes and she doesn’t understand enough.”

Ms Donelan denied any suggestion the Bill had been watered down, saying Ms Dorries’ comments “represented our work in progress”.

“We’re not watering anything down. We’re going the extra mile to keep kids safe, keep social media platforms accountable, protect free speech and we’re committed to tackling posts that encourage self-harm,” he said.

“My first priority is to shape the Bill so that it becomes law as soon as possible and fulfills its main purpose: to protect children and eradicate criminal activity online.”

Ms Dorries said her own experience of online abuse was not a driving force behind the Bill, but acknowledged it affected her.

“If I didn’t have a thick skin, I’d be dead right now,” he said.

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