Coach O’s photos with College Football Cheerleaders go viral

Few college football coaches have handled their soft jobs as well as Ed Orgeron.

While things between Coach O and LSU didn’t end on the sweetest of notes, and while the details of his transgressions at the school weren’t ideal, the man loves his freedom.

That was clear as day two weeks ago when he and his new girlfriend attended an LSU football game. And that was evident last weekend when he decided to attend the Tulane football game.

On the way out, Coach O even stopped for this photo:

With Coach O’s larger-than-life personality and how he’s absolutely been living life lately, there was an immediate reaction to this most recent photo.

“I see on the recruiting trail,” wrote one fan.

“Girls, I’ll tell you why they call me Coach O,” joked another.

“Coach O is living his best life,” added a third.

In early September, Coach O hilariously told the story of how LSU gave him the boot. It was so essentially an encapsulation of his entire way of being that it immediately set the internet on fire.

Coach O at the right time and leaving LSU. He was at the Little Rock Touchdown Club today.

— Steve Sullivan (@sully7777) September 6, 2022

“They said, ‘Coach, your contract is $17.1 million.’ We’ll give it to you,’” Orgeron recalled.

“I said, ‘What time do you want me to leave and what door do you want me to go out, bro?'”

You’d expect nothing less from a man who made as smooth a recovery as Coach O did from his leaked bedroom photos that went viral while he was coaching a national championship winning team.

The Dallas Cowboys have never looked better.

— Game 7 (@game7__) September 27, 2022

Time will tell if Coach O will ever coach again. Even if he doesn’t, his impact on college football and the larger cultural spirit is undeniable.

There have been many coaches. But there is always only one coach O.

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Who is the highest paid sports coach?

Who will be the highest paid coach in 2022? #1 Pep Guardiola Now at Manchester City, Guardiola is currently the highest paid manager in the Premier League. He is said to earn around £19million a year at the Etihad Stadium.

Who is the richest coach NBA?

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  • T-3. Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat: $8.5 million.
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What is Gregg Popovich’s salary? Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs: The $11. This may interest you : 5 of the best things to do in Atlanta this weekend.5 million coach Pop starts this list, and deservedly so.

Prosecutors are preparing a lawsuit saying a cheerleading coach sexually assaulted children for years
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Why did LSU fire coach?

Louisiana State abruptly fired men’s basketball coach Will Wade on Saturday, less than a week after the school was notified of allegations by the N. This may interest you : Teen Mom fans were surprised by Cory Wharton’s huge new tattoo featuring a full portrait of daughter Mila,….C.A.A. which accused Wade of five major violations, including making cash payments and job offers to help recruit the school.

Why did the LSU coach file for divorce? Watch out Louisiana ladies, Ed Orgeron will soon be living the single life. According to court documents obtained by The Advocate, Orgeron and his wife, Kelly, filed for divorce on Feb. 26, citing that they had been living apart and separated without reconciliation since [February]. 24].

What did the LSU coach do to get fired? “Hey, our basketball coach throws money around like a gangster, but look, we just fired our offensive line coach for giving out a T-shirt,” LSU basically said.

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