How Traveling Hurts Made Quinton and Mattie Go on an Amazing Race

Quinton Peron and Mattie Lynch reveal how struggles with navigation contributed to their elimination despite speedy roadblocks and detour completions.

Quinton Peron and Mattie Lynch were fan favorites to win The Amazing Race 34, but navigation was their failure in the last leg. The friends met when Mattie was the cheerleading captain and Quinton made history as the first male cheerleader to appear in the Superbowl. Their experience as NFL cheerleaders helps them complete dance challenges quickly, which helps in areas where they fall short. The former Rams cheerleaders had their ups and downs during the race but remained focused and positive, earning them praise from viewers.

Quinton and Mattie suffered their first setbacks during the leg from Germany to Austria. When asking for directions they entered the wrong country for the location, so instead of traveling to Austria, they stayed in Germany. The error didn’t matter much to the team, and they completed the task quickly to close the gap between themselves and the other Amazing Race 34 competitors. However, this experience won’t be the last of their navigation issues on the show. Parade interviewed Quinton and Mattie to discuss their difficulties navigating France in their last leg.

Why Quinton and Mattie Struggled With Navigation In France

Even though they went slower than most teams, Quinton and Mattie believed they could hold on through proper navigation and quick task completion. However, like many other teams, they were unfamiliar with the road and took a more complicated route than they thought. Mattie recalled, “Then we realized there were more side roads. And they didn’t have a lot of stop signs; they just had a lot of roundabouts. This may interest you : Mom-to-be Alia Bhatt sings Brahmastra’s song Kesariya, husband Ranbir Kapoor becomes cheerleader – WATCH. So it slowed us down.” As The Amazing Race 34 features charter flights rather than booked flights, the team is only responsible for transportation by car. Quinton said, “The navigation is good if it’s good. If it’s bad, it’s very bad.”

At the end of the episode, Quinton and Mattie seem disappointed with the result as they believe they have more to offer in the competition. Although they reviewed all the route options before deciding on one, knowing which route was the best was difficult unless familiar with the area. In the second leg, they were able to keep up through quick learning in the dance detour but failed in the last leg of their race due to navigation. Mattie further explained, “Unfortunately for Quinton and me, we did the job really quickly. And when I say 70% of our races are in cars, it really is.”

While competitors in The Amazing Race 34 don’t have to worry about air travel affecting their race position, transportation by car is their responsibility. Many teams struggle to navigate through areas that are unfamiliar to them, so it often comes down to who can figure it out faster or who can spend some time on roadblocks and detours. Unfortunately for Quinton and Mattie, the detour wasn’t in their favor to make land, so navigational problems put them last.

The Amazing Race airs every Wednesday at 9 pm. ET at CBS.

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